Express Interest to perform at Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Noosa’s Anywhere Festival


2020 is the tenth year of Anywhere Festival which makes it a year not to be missed.

Anywhere Festival is for independent producers and performers to take creative risks instead of financial risks.

It is open access through an expression of interest, but unlike fringe festivals, we work with you to make sure your show has the best chance of success in the festival. We guide you on locations, performance timings, refining your marketing and creative development. You get to leverage the marketing of the festival and the ten years of audiences hungry for performances in their local nooks and crannies.

80% of available tickets were sold compared to 13% at 2015 Edinburgh Fringe or 28% at 2018 Melbourne Fringe (estimated calculated from figures in 2018 annual report).

42% of tickets were sold as a result of Anywhere Festival marketing.

99% of performance makers plan to return.

74% of performance makers stated it would not have been possible or very difficult to present their work without the festival.

84% of performance makers who have done other festivals stated their Anywhere experience was better than other festivals.

What do you need confirmed before expressing interest?

Expressing interest is just that: expressing interest.

You may have a title, an idea or a fully developed concept.

By expressing interest you are not committed to being part of the festival and there is no cost involved. Your concept can change and is not locked in until the program deadline of 22 February.

We will respond to all Expressions of Interest by 15 November and you then have until 22 February to confirm your show details for the Anywhere Festival Program.

Image Credit: Hold My Beer presented by HalfHitch at 2019 Anywhere Festival.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for performance makers of all genres and experience with an ambitious idea who want to present work anywhere but a theatre.

New works and existing works looking to present in a non traditional performance environment.

We want performances that play with the fourth wall and the accoutrements of theatre to present something unique to a specific location or something that could be performed anywhere.

To get an idea, check out the Anywhere Award winners from 20192018 and 2017, and check out this documentary on 2018’s THE CAVE, presented by WE THAT ARE LEFT.

Why you should do Anywhere Festival

“Anywhere Festival feels like it is there for the artists. There are many ways they do this, but for me, it’s this feeling that if a decision has to be made between something good for the artists or anyone else, they back the artist.“ (2018 Performance Maker)

The Anywhere Festival team of Paul Osuch, Toni Wills and Tim Monley are there to help you take the creative risks to make your show event better
“THE TEAM THE TEAM THE TEAM. I’ve done six festivals this year and never got better supported than by Paul and the Anywhere Festival team. And they paid me on time. And I actually came out with some cash instead of a bunch of favours I owe. Just do it.”  (2012 Performance Maker)

In 2019 just over 42% of audiences said they found out about a show through Anywhere Festival’s marketing and 80% of all available tickets were sold.
“I love that I sat at the door each night of the show and welcomed people I had never met before. If you have a good idea, Anywhere Festival has all these bloody amazing people who come out of nowhere and take a chance and see your show.” (2017 Performance Maker)

Take creative risks to produce the performance you really want to create.
“I have done sooooo many things we could not have done in a theatre. Someone would have told us not to, or it would have been more difficult or whatevs. Anything (haa haa) is possible at Anywhere.” (2014 Performance Maker)

Perform in rent free (or reduced rent spaces) that make it possible to break even or make a profit.
Anywhere Festival has relationships with a range of potential nooks and crannies that make it financially viable to perform to more intimate crowds of 40-50 people. Or we can help you to find your own venue… or you can use one you have already sorted.

Anywhere Awards, Reviewers and Photographers
Be in consideration for Anywhere Awards with Award recipients receiving a coveted accolade and industry support from a range of organisations, along with consideration for Anywhere Reviewers and Photographers for your show.

Anywhere is for emerging and established performers.
Anywhere is there to support new emerging artists and to provide a platform for established artists (Lindsey Pollak, The Travelling Sisters, Tim Ross, The Sui Ensemble and many more to trial new work or remount works in a more intimate non traditional performance space. 

What you get – the perks

Being part of Anywhere Festival gets you the following:

Anywhere staff (Valued at $350)

We are here to help you make your show a success. We provide advice to find the best fit within the program, potential spaces, assistance with budgeting, marketing and much more. Think of us as “on tap” producer-mentors.

Between Toni, Tim and Paul, there are several decades of experience in creative development, new work, across genres from theatre to poetry, producing and much more from main stages in the U.K to the smallest stages a days travel from the nearest town. If we don’t know the answer, we know someone who does.

Access to Producer Resources (Valued at $99)

Producer Pack, a project tool to manage your project, templates, video interviews, access to video interviews.

Entry in the printed Anywhere Festival Guide (Valued at $1,379)

In 2019 each show had a half page full colour image with show details.

13,000 copies were printed and distributed to previous ticket purchases and through distribution outlets across Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.

There is no other more targeted print medium to reach audiences hungry to experience performance anywhere.

Entry on ($450)

Our website received 471,066 page views in 2019. All shows are listed in the one place giving potential audiences the best chance to discover your show.

Venue brokerage with non traditional spaces ($3,000)

Access to perform at spaces and venues that have already been approved by Anywhere Festival. This includes the in kind contribution through providing rent free venues, marketing through the venue outlets, services and potential staffing support. Each venue offers a different range of support, but this is the average based on figures provided by venues.

You are also welcome to find your own or ask us to approach a venue.


Location markers for your venues. (Valued at $59)

Artist passes to events including workshops and discounted tix or last minute free entry to shows with capacity during the festival (Valued at $450)

Eligibility to be nominated for the Anywhere Awards which in 2020 will be even bigger and better with key partners providing some very exciting things to winners.

Consideration for an Anywhere Photographer to take pictures and Anywhere Reviewers  to review shows and publish on and through independent outlets. (Valued at $850)

Consideration for inclusion in social media through our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and eNews (Valued at $450)

Consideration for approaches to media with stories. (Valued at $550)

Advertising discounts; and access to free rehearsal space and opportunities for residencies.


There is no cost to express interest with an idea.

Once we have confirmed successful entry in November you have until 22 February to pay the $295 for the program and resources as part of the festival.

That way you know your venue and show are all sorted and you are set to go.

Plus if you require insurance coverage, you can buy into the Anywhere Festival insurance for $80.

Box Office Costs

All events at Anywhere Festival are ticketed exclusively through us to ensure the best experiences for audiences and to maximise the chance of every show being discovered.

We keep the fees as low as possible while also ensuring we can provide a quality service to ticket purchases and to you.

The inside charge for Anywhere Festival shows will be 10% on all tickets sold online regardless of price, with a $2.50 outside booking fee to the customer per order.

e.g If a customer buys two $20 tickets the total cost to the purchaser will be 2 x $20 + $2.50 = $42.50 and you take $36.

You take 100% of any tickets you sell at the door.

Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Noosa Dates


1 October – Expressions Of Interest Open (APPLY NOW)

7 October – Brisbane Information Session 6-8pm (BOOK FREE PLACE)

9 October – Sunshine Coast Information Session 5pm (BOOK FREE PLACE)

31 October – Applications Close midnight (EXPRESS INTEREST NOW).

15 November – Confirmation of successful and unsuccessful applications.

10 December – Online Workshop in Venues and Creative Development

4 February – Online Workshop in Marketing and finalising festival program details

22 February Deadline to pay for program and resources, confirm your show details for the program and to provide public liability coverage

17 March Online Workshop to prepare for festival launch – marketing and more.

Late March Program Reveal

21 April Online Workshop about lead up to festival and risk assessment, front of house

7 May Anywhere Fest’ starts

24 May Anywhere Fest’ ends

30 May Anywhere Awards (TBC)