We will be announcing how you can take creative risks without the financial risks by presenting anywhere.

Unfortunately the 2020 Anywhere Festival in May was cancelled and a program of events was run between June to August online and physically distanced.

We will be announcing details for the 2021 Anywhere Festival in September 2020..

Until then, sign up to our eNews and follow us on Facebook to hear announcements first.

Image Credit: Hold My Beer presented by HalfHitch at 2019 Anywhere Festival.

Why you should do Anywhere Festival

“Anywhere Festival feels like it is there for the artists. There are many ways they do this, but for me, it’s this feeling that if a decision has to be made between something good for the artists or anyone else, they back the artist.“ (2018 Performance Maker)

The Anywhere Festival team of Paul Osuch, Toni Wills and Tim Monley are there to help you take the creative risks to make your show event better
“THE TEAM THE TEAM THE TEAM. I’ve done six festivals this year and never got better supported than by Paul and the Anywhere Festival team. And they paid me on time. And I actually came out with some cash instead of a bunch of favours I owe. Just do it.”  (2012 Performance Maker)

In 2019 just over 42% of audiences said they found out about a show through Anywhere Festival’s marketing and 80% of all available tickets were sold.
“I love that I sat at the door each night of the show and welcomed people I had never met before. If you have a good idea, Anywhere Festival has all these bloody amazing people who come out of nowhere and take a chance and see your show.” (2017 Performance Maker)

Take creative risks to produce the performance you really want to create.
“I have done sooooo many things we could not have done in a theatre. Someone would have told us not to, or it would have been more difficult or whatevs. Anything (haa haa) is possible at Anywhere.” (2014 Performance Maker)

Perform in rent free (or reduced rent spaces) that make it possible to break even or make a profit.
Anywhere Festival has relationships with a range of potential nooks and crannies that make it financially viable to perform to more intimate crowds of 40-50 people. Or we can help you to find your own venue… or you can use one you have already sorted.

Anywhere Awards, Reviewers and Photographers
Be in consideration for Anywhere Awards with Award recipients receiving a coveted accolade and industry support from a range of organisations, along with consideration for Anywhere Reviewers and Photographers for your show.

Anywhere is for emerging and established performers.
Anywhere is there to support new emerging artists and to provide a platform for established artists (Lindsey Pollak, The Travelling Sisters, Tim Ross, The Sui Ensemble and many more to trial new work or remount works in a more intimate non traditional performance space.