Location – Old Stefan Hair Salon building

The Old Stefan Hair Salon is based at 18-24 Manning Street, South Brisbane. For those of you who visited it during Fringe Brisbane, it will be used differently for Anywhere. Instead of having a stage and chairs in the chandelier room and a stage and chairs in the front room, we are looking for acts who want to make the more of the space as it is by either using one room or doing a takeover of the entire building.

We will schedule so that there are no overlapping shows and depending on numbers, there will be a laneway bar set up to the side of the building.

Ideally, we would like to put a number of things in on Thursday-Saturday but also open to ideas for other days.

We will also be making it available for rehearsals.

If you are keen, head to the spreadsheet of slots and put in performance, bump in times and potential rehearsals in the rooms of interest AT THIS LINK.

The rooms in the photos are:

  1. Outside
  2. Upstairs classroom (with grey chairs in centre)
  3. Upstairs sun room (next to the upstairs classroom)
  4. Landing between levels (stairs access only)
  5. The tanning room with built in shower)
  6. Stairs leading up/down
  7. Paladar back room (red)
  8. Paladar room – opposite angle
  9. Chandelier room ( space for audience of 70 and exit to side car park)
  10. Corridor going Front room and chandelier room with photography room to the side
  11. Photography room
  12. Front room.

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