Observe, touch, make or destroy what we know as femininity. The Nest at Anywhere Festival

The Nest at Anywhere Festival by Chance Collective

Chance Collective presents “The Nest.”

Coming off a 6 week artist residency at House Conspiracy, Chance Collective are excited to present their first independent production as a part of Anywhere Festival “The Nest.” The Nest explores the question, “What is feminity?”

The Nest is a haptic theatrical place where audiences are invited to colour the assorted oddities with their own stories and experiences. Chance Collective invites you to observe, touch, make or destroy what we know as femininity. Immersed into the world of The Nest, audiences will get to explore the menagerie of womanhood. Dildos, diaries, dolls, dresses and diamonds.

Come dive into a new world, free to question, to touch and to laugh. The Chance Collective crew have their claws on something odd, but something very good. And in the wise words of the Chance Collective women, “Sticks and stones may break our bones, but feminist theatre will never harm me.”

Come and see the Nest for yourself during Aywhere Festival as CUPO in Fortitude Valley.

14 & 15 May at 6pm

21, 22 & 23 May at 7pm.

Tickets $20.00


Please contact Chance Collective to discuss your accessibility requirements.