Nostrils to Enlightenment review by Annie March

Review of May 11 performance, by Annie March or Azza Mazza.

Nostrils to Enlightenment is created by Tim Monley and Teegan Kranenburg and is playing at Books@Stones at 6pm on May 11, 18 and 25. For more information about this show and to book tickets visit:

Gary Nostrils, or Gazza Nazza to his friends and Gaz Naz to his even closer friends, is enlightened. No, wait, his nostrils are. And he is here to share this with the world with the launch of his new book, thanks to the help of his literary agent, Dorothy (Dozza) Books.

Gazza Nazza is just your everyday bloke from South East Queensland, but he has seen the light, or smelt it. His life changed when his nostrils became enlightened, and with the help of his new book yours could, too.

You see, Gary Nostrils is just a humble bloke looking to share his nostrils with the world. He didn’t just sell me a book, he sold me a way of life. Before I went to see Gary I didn’t know how to embrace my scent. Now I do.

What makes this show special?

Gary Nostrils has all the charisma of a bogan Aussie that’s just discovered his spirituality. He tells his story with some ‘on the nose’ puns and a lot of heart. Every absurd, smelly concept was delivered with such sincerity, which just made me laugh harder.

My life changed because of Gary, because of Gary’s nostrils. And I was not the only one. The audience was laughing, crying, and smelling along with Gary until a musical climax that had me in tears of laughter.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Gary’s nostrils for the whole show. I only wish that one day my nostrils command a room like that.

So, come along and hear about some colourful characters like Flozza Mozza, Fizza Wizza and Jizz Wizz. Who knows, you may even leave with enlightened nostrils.

As an avid theatre goer and performer I just want to leave you all with one public service announcement: put your phone on silent before the show begins. Three phones went off during this performance, and this can ruin the experience for others and throw off the performer. Luckily, Gary doesn’t let anything come between him and his nostrils.

Nostrils to Enlightenment is running on Saturdays until 25 May at Books@Stones. I can honestly say that this show smelled, which for us ‘nogis’ is a good thing.