A guru that nose everything at Anywhere Festival

A new way to become Enlightened!


Gary Nostrils brings enlightened wisdom to Brisbane this May, straight from his nose to the page. Releasing his first book, Nostrils to enlightenment, Gary will be teaching Nostrils Yoga and the scent chakras at his book launch as part of Anywhere Festival. While he may be an every day Aussie bloke, his nose is not, during an unexpected incident in a paddock half an hour west of Morayfield shopping centre, they became enlightened. Since then he has been spreading their wisdom on the world.

“It is not about you,’ Gary tells us, ‘it about your nostrils.’ Every guru before has got it wrong, focusing on the person, rather than the nostril. ‘There is not need to exercise, eat well or do anything other than nostril yoga, as you flare your nostrils, you ignite your soul.’ But it isn’t quite as easy as simply flaring one’s nostrils. You must also learn about the six scent chakras and how to cleanse them.

Books at Stones bookshop in Stones Corner is brimming with excitement. ‘We’ve never had a guru in the bookshop before, let alone a nostril guru.’ Says Karen Weibler of Books@Stones. ‘Ever since he came in there’s been a funny smell, it makes my nostrils flare a little wider each time I smell it.’ Gary says that widening one’s nostrils is key to becoming enlightened, but it not that simple either. ‘You have to cleanse your smell chakras regularly, and only a nostril guru can show you how to do that.’

Gary Nostrils will take you on the spiritual journey that will have you laughing your way to the heavenly realms. You can catch Gary Saturday 11th, 18th and 25th at 6pm at Books at Stones bookstore. Tickets at https://anywhere.is/listings/nostrils/


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This show is from the producer of Anywhere Award winning The Farce Awakens and Glampire Masquerade. Review quotes are from Play Actually, which toured 10 festivals in 4 counties.