We created Anywhere Theatre Festival in 2011 and since then there have been over 3,000 performances anywhere but a theatre.

It doesn’t matter if it is a backyard, gym, church, cafe or boxing ring – we believe anywhere but a theatre is the best place for a performance and for people to get together and share stories.

We’d love you to join the Anywhere family and take creative risks without so many financial risks!

You can apply for free.

Successful applicants make a $250 contribution towards the program and resources and receive 90% of the box office. Outside the festival there is no up front contribution required and you take 100% of the box office – no charges at all unless you want extra support.

I’m Ready! Let Me Apply to Perform Anywhere (LINK)

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Anywhere Theatre Festival is a festival of any type of performance anywhere but a theatre for emerging and established artists to take creative works while minimising the financial risks.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for emerging and established artists who want to present work anywhere but a theatre. We want experiences that eschew the fourth wall and the accoutrements of theatre to present something uniquely anywhere.

To get a bit of an idea, check out the Anywhere Award winners from 2016 and 2017 and Anywhere Founder Paul Osuch’s thoughts on what he’d like to see.

In 2018 we will be creating a festival only featuring performance anywhere but a theatre.

After applying, we will either confirm that you are included in the festival as submitted, ask you to rework your show concept or suggest the festival is not for you by 15 November 2017.

This year we are also planning for a full day intensive workshop before the Christmas break to push your creatively early on in your creative development as well as covering major funding and producing skills from the get go.

What do you need confirmed before applying?

You don’t need to have the venue, times, ticket prices, show blurb or even the confirmed show name ready.

What we want to see in the application is the seed of the idea that you want to make happen and why it makes sense to be in Anywhere Theatre Festival.

Once we have confirmed your application, that is when the process begins of locking everything down before the 21 February program and box office deadline.

Key Dates

1 October   Applications Open (APPLY WITH YOUR IDEA NOW – NO UP FRONT COST)

23 October Sunshine Coast Information Session 5.30-7pm (BOOK FREE PLACE)

25 October Brisbane Information Session 6-7.30pm (BOOK FREE PLACE)

31 October Applications Close midday.

15 November Confirmation of successful and unsuccessful applications

30 November Deadline to pay for the Program and Resources.

9 December All day Creative, Producing and Funding workshop for Sunshine Coast, Noosa  and Brisbane producers to be held on the Sunshine Coast.

14 – 31 January Secondary applications accepted for festival program only if slots arise.

21 February Deadline to confirm all your show details for the program and to provide public liability coverage and pay for any festival add ons (double program entry, insurance, additional artist passes)

12 March TBC Early release and announcement to Anywhere Alumni, Subscribers and ticket purchasers to previous festival.

4 – 15 April Commonwealth Games (just an FYI)

17 April Public launch of Anywhere Theatre Festival Program

10 May Anywhere Fest’ starts

27 May Anywhere Fest’ ends

Program and Resources

It is just $250 to be included in the festival program and to get access to the following resources (valued at $5,587) regardless of the number of performances or audience size.

Entry in the printed Anywhere Theatre Festival Guide distributed at key outlets around Brisbane and sent to 10,000 previous ticket purchasers of Anywhere Theatre Festival predominantly across Brisbane and Sunshine Coast (Valued at $2,079)

Online listing at our booking website anywhere.is with links between related shows to extend potential audiences (Valued at $150)

Location kits including tear drop banners. (Valued at $59)

Free subscription to the Pocket Producer resources until the end of the festival including videos, updated templates, tips and hints ($49)

Festival Participants group inclusion with all creatives and producers in the festival.

Two artist passes to get access to artist events including workshopsand discounted tix to shows during the festival (Valued at $150)

Eligibility to be nominated for the Anywhere Awards

Access to Anywhere staff for producing and creative development advice ($350)

Consideration for an Anywhere Photographer to take pictures (Valued at $850)

Consideration for inclusion in social media and traditional media distribution. (Valued at $150)

Assistance and support to help broker a rent free venue for your performance (Value of support and average cost if venue was not rent free $1,750)

Extras (if you want ’em)

We got a lot of feedback last year about a couple of components, so we have split them out so you can decide it you need them or not. They can be purchased up front or later (with the exception of public liability where you must provide your own certificate of currency or select the purchase public liability)

+$125 for a double sized entry in the print program

+$80 for public liability coverage for the company in the lead up and including Anywhere Theatre Festival (Current Certificate must be provided if not paid)

+$25 for additional artist passes

Box Office Costs

All events at Anywhere Theatre Festival are ticketed exclusively through us to ensure the best experiences for audiences and to maximise the chance of every show being discovered.

The inside charge for 2018 Anywhere Theatre Festival shows will be 10% on all tickets sold online, with no outside fee (and no fees on tickets you sell at the door – that is confirmed this year).

Why have inside fees been removed completely for shows Anywhere ticket outside festival times while keeping for shows inside the festival?

During the festival, additional box office support is required, including higher phone support and cross selling setup between shows beyond what would be provided in a vanilla online ticketing system. Given other festivals and venues are taking between $5 – $10 to do the same we feel this amount is a good compromise to ensure we can provide an excellent holistic service to all festival acts and audiences in the lead up and during the festival without increasing the up front costs to be part of the festival.

This is BRAND NEW!

Sell tickets online using the Anywhere box office system with no inside fees to you and no forced outside charges to your audience. Reporting and door lists are provided in the system so you can keep track of how sales are going and be prepared before the event.

We can also provide other resources depending on your needs including:

  • Access to the Pocket Producer suite of products (guides, templates, inspirational videos and more)
  • Marketing to the 10,000+ Anywhere subscribers through our eNews, Facebook and Instagram channels
  • Creative producer advice.

To set up your show listing, head to THIS LINK.

** We reserve the right to refuse listings that we feel are not in keeping with our ethos.

Should I be part of the festival or use the free ticketing?

By being part of the festival in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast during May you get access to all the resources and the program for free: that’s the print program, the marketing, the workshops, the resources, partner offers, creative producer support (See above). That’s why we ask for support towards the program and resources.

If you want to sell tickets for a show at any other time of the year in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast or want to ticket shows anywhere in Australia, then the free ticketing option is the one you want.