Anywhere Theatre Festival Limited is a Brisbane based not-for-profit company with a vision to propel a world-wide trend for exciting, engaging, passionate performance regardless of access to traditional theatre infrastructure.


Or as we prefer to say it, “Anywhere makes it easy for performers to perform anywhere but a theatre, for anyone to host or experience a performance in a space they wouldn’t expect.”

Our main thing is the Anywhere Theatre Festival running annually in May (10-27 May 2018) in Brisbane and now Sunshine Coast. Program to be released in April.

We know there is a better way for performers and producers than waiting for rare slots in theatres and losing life savings presenting in fringe festivals where there are more performances than audiences members and the entire budget goes on venue hire and paying for everything but the creation of the work.

We create opportunities for collaboration, for the meaning they bring to our lives, the power with which they engage us, to share stories and engage audiences to find meaningful solutions for the challenges we face today.

In seven years Anywhere Theatre Festival Limited has presented festivals in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales with over 2,112 performances to over 417,800 people.

We create cohesive communities where diversity, achievement and excellence are fostered. Where supporters, volunteers, audiences, participants, consumers, makers, creators, keepers and distributors of arts and culture are cherished and engaged instead of permitted to attend.

Anywhere Stands for...


Story telling began as something we did around camp fires and over time it has been ghettoed inside traditional theatre venues and the structures that go with them. We believe that for our own stories and performance to survive we have to stop creating theatres where people “go” for live performance. Storytelling and performance needs to happen anywhere. People need to see performance, to see theatre and engage in theatre anywhere regardless of their income or location.


We also believe that restricting performance to theatres places an unnecessary gatekeeper for artists and audiences. The majority of performers and producers wait for rare slots in theatres and fringe festivals where there are more performances than audiences members and the entire financial risk is placed on the independent producer.


We’ve also demonstrated that there is great opportunity for business and communities to benefit by placing performances in public and business locations. We do this through innovative partnership with local businesses and performers by removing the fiscal and creative barriers in audience attendance. We create performance right where people live, work and play to make stronger, more vibrant communities.


Paul Osuch is the Co-Founder of Anywhere Theatre Festival Ltd, a festival for performance anywhere but a theatre.

Paul Osuch holds a Bachelor of Business from the Queensland University of Technology and is a graduate of the NIDA Playwrights Studio. He is an Australia Council for the Arts Emerging Leader, a Queensland Government Cultural Champion and Arts Queensland QASP Assessor.

He was Artistic Director of Borderline Defamation Productions for several years, producing and directing the world premiere of many new works, including the Australian Film Industry nominated All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane, which has since been adapted into a feature length film. He has created and marketed major productions from the Soho Theatre and Battersea Arts Centre in London to the Cement Box Theatre in Brisbane.

Paul has always been focused on new ideas and ways to make performance a bigger part of everyone’s life.


Alex brings more than fifteen years experience in the arts as Co-Founder of Anywhere Theatre Festival.

She is a cultural entrepreneur, actor, writer, producer and director who in 2013 became one of YWCA’s Queensland Leading Women.

Alex uses her varied talents to motivate Anywhere Theatre Festival participants to realise their creative aspirations. Alex has a Bachelor of Journalism, Masters in Writing and she studied acting at Rose Bruford College in London. She is also founder of Pivot City, a film company dedicated to creating “stories that matter.”


Nycole Prowse is the Co-Festival Director of Anywhere Theatre Festival (Sunshine Coast) who joined the Anywhere team in 2017.

Nycole is a writer, producer, independent academic and researcher with over 25 years’ experience in teaching literature at tertiary level and in the creation and production of creative and literary projects and festivals in urban and rural communities in Australia, the US, Japan, the UK and the Middle East. She is founding principal of Peripheral Arts, which puts focus on artistic and creative ways to bring about the wellbeing of communities via multimedial story crafting and sharing.

Her most recent projects include: Wild Women’s Tales a series of story crafting workshops that culminated in an immersive storytelling performance played out at last year’s Anywhere Theatre Festival; and a poetic, musical and cinematic stage production of her award winning poetry Alice, Dorothy and Wendy in conjunction with composer Mark Ferris as part of the Sunshine Coast Horizon Festival.

Nycole has a PhD in Literature and has published widely in the area of literary representations of gender, space and the body. She is editor of an upcoming multidisciplinary anthology Intervening Spaces (Brill), a transnational examination of the inter-connective impact and potential of performance, art and design on people and place.


Toni Wills is the Co-Festival Director of Anywhere Theatre Festival (Sunshine Coast). She joined the Anywhere team this year to assist the delivery of our inaugural Sunshine Coast program.

She is a playwright, educator, workshop facilitator and independent producer. She holds a Masters in Creative Arts and a Bachelor of Arts/Law. With over fifteen years working in the design and delivery of creative and education projects across the legal, community and arts sectors, she now focuses on storytelling, production and developing opportunities for regional artists.

Toni is the creative and production collaborator with Peripheral Arts – a profit for purpose arts organization working on a wide range of community based storytelling projects across South East Queensland.  She is also the co-director of the Play in a Day drama writing workshop program developing creative confidence in teens.


Doug Brimblecombe’s (MIES, MLighting) career over 30 years in the live entertainment industry has taken him from his home town of Dalby in Southwest Queensland, across Australia and to many parts of the world. His specialty is performance lighting, but his involvement in performance art has seen him in many roles, from company management and design consultancy to memorable episodes such as loading 124 ton Antonov aircraft in Russia for international rock bands.

Doug’s most recent role was as general manager at Heart of Australia, where he brought his skills in logistics of large scale global events and management of diverse and multi-discipline staff. Doug is a Member of the Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand (IESANZ) and holds a Masters in Lighting (Physics).


Helen Astbury is a passionate fundraising, marketing communications and sponsorship executive with vast experience in all aspects of philanthropy, stakeholder engagement, and business development. Throughout her career, Helen has successfully worked with a number of leading state, national and international organisations to deliver outstanding engagement and development outcomes across a number of industries – including the arts, medical research, higher education and broader not for profit sector.


Alex Podger grew up performing in large scale outdoor theatrical works across Australia and is the Artistic Director of Woodford Folk Festival’s flagship “Fire Event” Closing Ceremony – a unique large-scale outdoor community project performed to an audience of 18,000.

Alex is a producer, director and designer of street, spectacle and outdoor theatre, often featuring complex pyrotechnic design, effects and puppets to tell simple stories on an epic scale. He works regularly with renowned Irish spectacle and street theatre company Macnas in Galway, Ireland as both a director and pyro designer. Previous works include ‘The Gremlins’ – an outdoor physical clown project, ‘Little Boxes’ performed in a massive bespoke set built in a carpark, and the Amphi Interludes – two large scale, site-specific works created for Woodford Folk Festival’s Amphitheatre.

Alex has a Bachelor of Film and Screen Media Production, and occasionally design TV Commercials or creates props for film / TV.


Howard is the director of Eyeball Media which, for over 20 years, has published a range of music and lifestyle titles in Queensland and around Australia.

Today he publishes the pop culture and entertainment brand scenestr, as monthly print titles in Queensland and South Australia, and as a national website.

He’s previously published ‘Junior’ – a national magazine which remains Australia’s highest CAB audited entertainment street press title at over 80,000 copies per month, easily besting both JB HiFi’s in-store title and the now defunct triple J magazine.

He was initially trained in retail management at Myer and Big W before securing his first media role in advertising sales with News Ltd at Bowen Hills while gaining honours in his Diploma Of Communications at the Australian Institute Management.


Megan Joy Lavender is a transformational leader of organisations with a focus on stakeholder engagement. An experienced public company director and government board member, she is also peer recognised as one of the Asia Pacific’s best third sector CEOs having held senior executive roles in the corporate, government and third sectors.

Megan presently serves as a State Government appointed board member of the NSW Ministry of Health Centre for Health Record Linkage and has been commissioned by the Minister for Lands and Water as Deputy Chairman of the Gosford Showground Crown Lands Trust.

Megan is an arts, education, speech and drama graduate of Macquarie University and Trinity College, London.


With 37 years experience in national/international markets at senior management, contract/consultancy level in marketing, media, advertising and creative fields that commenced in movie distribution including Walt Disney, Pixar, Roadshow, Buena Vista, Touchstone. Working across film, television and radio in Australia, US and UK as a qualified journalist, producer and director through the 80/90s he continues to partner and consult in those fields as well as new digital avenues.

He ran his own Event/PR/Media company for two decades during that time and continues to represent major brands, organizations and individuals with counsel and strategic thinking, expertise in innovative communications, production values, marketing/sales, creative/brand, digital/film/tv, cultivating cultural change, organizational alignment, change thinking and project development. Formerly AJA/MEAA, Board of RSA (London), AICD, holds B.Psy., and a number of additional qualifications.

Gary continues to concentrate on strategic change thinking and advising in across industries as well an in the philanthropic and fundraising space.