Naturally Confused review by David Casey

Naturally Confused review by David Casey
Seen 26th May
Performance season runs from 9th to 26th of May at Cupo, Fortitude Valley


Packed full of energy, excitement and joy, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to finish Anywhere Festival than Naturally Confused.

The premise is simple, it’s a clowning show which utilizes a tried and tested commedia archetype: two idiots, a know-it-all who doesn’t know much and his happy-go lucky assistant, are here to teach you about some animals. Everything goes wrong, and hilarity ensues. But even with a knowledge of how these routines tend to work, all of your brain nonsense gets tossed out the window the moment performers Bridget Ward and George Harris begin the show, exploding on stage with relentless energy and genuine desire to put a smile on your face.

I was surprised to learn that they were recent university graduates, as they seemed to very capably create a fun and safe environment for the audience, and playfully engaged with any disruptions or problems along the way.  I was smiling from the moment they came on stage, and they had me laughing and wishing I was sitting in the front row from then on. They were incredibly flexible, and knew the value of drilling into a bit to wring every laugh out of it – even going so far as to repeat a bit until it lost its humor, and continue repeating with unwavering enthusiasm until it became funny again. There was never a down note or a time I felt they were losing me.

Unfortunately, my review comes from having seen in on the final performance of Anywhere Festival, but you can catch Maybe Mad Theatre Co at Short+Sweet this year if you want to learn some cool facts about animals and have a good laugh from start to finish.