Debut of a brand new feminist musical theatre work “Mettle, Moxie & Melody” at Anywhere Festival

The debut of a brand new feminist musical theatre work Mettle, Moxie & Melody featuring fifteen original compositions at Anywhere Festival

In a genre largely dominated by male-centric plots and underdeveloped female characters, providing an opportunity for female voices in musical theatre is central to Mettle, Moxie & Melody.

The world premiere of the new feminist musical theatre work Mettle, Moxie & Melody is an event not to be missed. Local Brisbane playwright and composer, Anina-Marie Warrener, writes life like a musical in a show that is partially based on her true experience.

Mettle, Moxie & Melody tells the story of three brave young women as they traverse marriage, sexuality and careers and features fifteen original songs. The show challenges the audience to consider the role of feminism in the lives of young women today. This is musical theatre like you’ve never seen before: a beautiful web of intimate moments weaved together with powerful ballads, gutsy show tunes and poetry.

The cast of Mettle, Moxie & Melody is mostly comprised of women featuring Merilee E., Courtney Farrar, Zoe Lee-Archer, Clarise Ooi, Taylor Day and Sandra Harman and one male actor, Tomer Dimanstein. The crew behind the scenes are also all female with musical direction by Juanita Van Wyk, stage management by Sophie Schoenknecht and directed by Anina-Marie Warrener.

This is a brave new musical theatre work that challenges the norms of the genre and opens the floor for a frank and sincere conversation about the pressures and expectations on young women. Mettle, Moxie & Melody will be performed at Concept at 17 McLachlan Street, Fortitude Valley, from 15 – 19 May 2019 as part of Anywhere Festival.

Tickets are available now at ($15.00 Preview / $25.00 General Admission). 

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“I think audience members, regardless of gender/sex, will find something that they can connect with within the characters and the themes touched on in the show. They should come see it because not only will it be a great show, but it will be an opportunity to support up-and-coming artists in Brisbane.” – Courtney Farrar

“This show is beautiful in its honesty. Each character reflects back to you yourself in past experiences and experiences to come.” – Taylor Day

“I think that our audience members, especially women, will find a sense of comradery through shared experience. This may not be literal, but emotional.” – Taylor Day

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to support work written by, for and about women.” – Sophie Schoenknecht

“I would describe the show as a mix between Rent, The Book of Mormon, Menopause the Musical and a show you probably saw while you were at uni.” – Sophie Schoenknecht

“It’s both fun and heartfelt, raw and truthful but also delightfully sweet. A great show for if you’re bringing a friend who is just engaging with theatre for the first time.” – Sophie Schoenknecht

“It’s great to be a part of a new Australian musical. There is so much talent in Australia and so many stories to tell so it is amazing to be a part of that.” – Tomer Dimanstein

“It’s always amazing to see original work and with the musical exploring three different stories, you truly get to see so many facets of society.” – Tomer Dimanstein