Meet your 2014 Anywhere Theatre Festival Reviewers and Photographers

As the festival is starting, there is no better time than to introduce our 2014 Anywhere Reviewers and Photographers.

This year, we received an overwhelming amount of interest and we cannot be happier to let loose these 21 creative writers and photographers all around the festival. With the festival growing every year, we truly appreciate their photos and their words as it continues to bring theatre and live performance to life in Brisbane.

So throughout the two weeks, keep your eye out for new reviews and photos from the many wonderful productions this festival has in store. The reviews can be found on our website and the photos will be published on the Anywhere Theatre Facebook page.

bonnie  Bonnie Baguley – Reviewer 

Bonnie Baguley is a communications professional with a background in online marketing and a love of all things creative.  She holds a Bachelor of Business Marketing and has worked in a range of locations including Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Canada. She is inspired by beautiful photography, daring design, witty writing and of course fabulous Brisbane festivals!

Peter Peter Cabral – Photographer

Peter is  a photographer originally from Canada and have been living in Australia for the past 7 years.  His passion is music and theatre and is very much looking forward to collaborating with the wonderful Anywhere Theatre Festival acts.

Greg3-2 Greg Elkenhans – Photographer

Greg is a part time photographer with interests in martial arts and fitness photography. At present he is exploring  more artful photography and is currently enjoying photographing music events for MouthZoff e-zine and occasionally Burlesque for the Bird Gallery. He will be photographing the national power lifting titles on the Gold Coast in June.

clinton  Clinton Greentree – Photographer

Clinton Greentree is from Brisbane and has previously operated as a Photographer/Videographer for “Daponies Raw Action Studio”. His specialty is shooting action shots, utilising specialist crane equipment, personal and vehicle camera mounts, as well as multiple angle camera rig. Clinton has been able to photograph and film cars, motorcycles, landscapes and people in a variety of settings and circumstances. He is looking forward to being a part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival and the new photo and video opportunities that it will present.

bruce  Bruce Heath – Photographer

Bruce has been behind a lens for over 40 years – and find that there’s always something new to shoot. He likes to photograph people “in the moment” – bands, burlesque, street photography – action and available light. He believes that, in a sense, the Anywhere Festival is the same – it’s a minimalist approach – creative action in a free space.

stuart Stuart Hirth – Photographer

Stuart plunged himself into ATF13 by capturing 16 performances during its short season. Often this included two performances per night, with the following day put aside for culling, cropping and posting. Stuart believes that performance photography has its own challenges that include poor quality low light, and performers that won’t  stand still, but there of course is the challenge.

alice  Alicia Jones – Reviewer

With complimentary praxis in Performance, Community engagement and Business management, Alicia Jones is a well-rounded ‘observer’.  As a contemporary performance maker, Alicia has an expansive career nationally and is a company member of OZFRANK Theatre Film.  Alicia currently sits on the committee for Regional Arts Development Fund – Ipswich.

marissa  Marissa Ker – Reviewer

Marissa Ker is a Brisbane-based writer and performer.  She writes poetry, plays and non-fiction.  She specialises in portraying animals and other characters remote from her reality from the King of Clubs in The Game at Woodford to Toto in the Wizard of Oz. She holds a Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing from UQ and has trained with Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre and Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble.

jessie  Jessie Kinivan – Reviewer

Jessie Kinivan is about to graduate from a degree in Literature and Writing and drift somewhere into the creative ether. Hopefully somewhere cosy, filled with stories to be witnessed and told. She’s overjoyed to be indulging her love of theatre during the festival, pen and wine glass in hand.

coraline Coraline Lamour – Reviewer

Coraline was born in Lille, France. She graduated in Literature and Journalism at La Sorbonne before traveling in South America, the Middle East and Australia. She volunteers at 4ZZZ and Amnesty International. She is passionate about culture and everything that brings people together such as the Anywhere Theatre Festival!

charlene  Charlene Li – Reviewer

Charlene Li is a twenty-something arts junkie with a few too many interests. She adores classical music, the Romantic period, and thinks Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is the greatest work of fiction in existence.

amanda  Amanda Marvel – Reviewer

Amanda has opined, researched and reviewed for various publications and platforms over the past 13 years. She is delighted to be part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival in 2014

medhavie Medhavie Mendis – Reviewer

Medhavie (or Med as she is called) is something of a cultural nomad. During her younger years she indulged in dance and drama, which has lead to a lifetime love of all things performance. Most weekends you will find her exploring the suburbs of Brisbane with an inquisitive look and coffee in hand.

Cass_Bio Photo Cassandra Payca – Reviewer

Born and raised in regional Queensland, Cassandra left behind the cane fields and tomato farms to study journalism in Brisbane. Once here she quickly fell in love with the city’s evolving cultural scene. Now office monkey by day, performing arts devotee by night, Cassandra puts her journalism skills to use reviewing everything from live music to dance and theatre productions.


navin Navin Samuel Regi – Photographer

Navin is a journalism student at UQ University who arrived in Brisbane from Qatar 2 months back . Navin used to work as a freelance photographer before coming here, and is looking forward to work at the Anywhere festival to fill in his portfolio with extracts from the Brisbane chapter and to get involved in the cultural fabric of the Aussie tradition.


nicholas Nicholas Robertson – Reviewer

Nick has done theatre for a long time now. He has done musicals, stand up and theatre and dances down the street. He’s lived a life desperately trying to get people to like him, now it’s his turn to do the judging.

mana  Mana Salsali – Photographer

Mana was born in Tehran, Iran. She has an Engineering background. She followed her passion in photography after immigrating to Australia and is now aiming to run her photography business. She participated in APSA 2013 as a BBC photographer. Read more about her and see her works at:

libby Elizabeth Scales – Reviewer

Elizabeth Scales is a creator, performer, and producer specialising in theatre and comedy. A graduate of the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) and QUT, Elizabeth is interested in collaborating with artists from near and far, with a particular interest in creating lasting international partnerships whilst advocating the Australian industry through her endeavours. Elizabeth was a proud reviewer of the Anywhere Theatre Festival 2013 and is excited to see what Brisbane has to offer in 2014.

tim Tim Smith – Photographer

Tim is a photographer, marriage celebrant, software engineer, pole dancer and lighting technician.  He is thinking of becoming a dive instructor.  Or possibly forming a band.

Meredith Walker  Meredith Walker – Reviewer

Meredith Walker is a Brisbane Theatre blogger. She writes as Blue Curtains Brisbane and also as a reviewer for XS Entertainment. Meredith has a passion for seeing and celebrating Brisbane’s thriving independent theatre scene. Festivillany is her favourite extreme artistic sport.

Birgit Willadsen Birgit Willadsen – Reviewer

Birgit is a born and bred Brisbane girl who works in the arts and enjoys life’s small pleasures such as good food, wine, theatre and sharing all three with friends. She occasionally writes about Brisbane goings-on and travelling and how enjoyable both are at

kelly Kelly Wong – Reviewer

Born and raised in Brisbane, Kelly enjoys visiting new places and things to do in her great city. She is a self-confessed obsessed food-appreciator-eater-cook, music and arts lover and Brisbane city explorer. Serial multi-tasker. Follow her adventures on