The Anywhere reviewer scheme was created to provide an opportunity to write about a number of performances over a short period of time, to help create a vocabulary for reviews of performances in non-traditional spaces and to provide the opportunity for the independent producers in the festival to start a conversation about their work with the public.

So here are our dedicated team of reviewers and photographers. Say ‘hi’ if you see them around and check out the reviews as well as what they are looking forward to in the festival at this link!


ali-buddenALEX BUDDEN

Alex Budden once high-fived Ian McKellen on Broadway, but that’s a story for another time. Good relationships are forged on trust, right? So let me be upfront, I’m not a writer, nor do I pretend to be one, I’m merely a young actor new to this glorious city. What I lack in experience I more than make up for in passion and brutal honesty. So let’s go on this crazy adventure together and review this outlandish beast that is theatre.


Rhumer Diball is working as a Practicing Dramaturg under the supervision of her mentor Kathryn Kelly. She has worked with the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble, Vena Cava Productions, and A to Z Theatre’s production of The Fever. Rhumer is currently writing her Honours thesis on manipulative mother figures within twenty-first century Australian Gothic theatre at the University of Queensland.


natasha-hayesNATASHA HAYES

Natasha Hayes is a full time arts lover, part time administration officer.  Her first experience of the arts world was when she was seven years old when her grandmother took her to the ballet; she has been hooked ever since seeing as many live shows as possible including dance, theatre and musicals.



Heidi Harrison is a young artist with a passion for new theatre. Currently undertaking a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama) with a minor in creative writing, she has a particular interest in both the written word and movement. Otherwise, she loves cats and is generally too lazy to turn the record over.


Catherine Lawrence is a post-completion Fellow at the School of Communication and Arts, at The University of Queensland, with a particular interest in Australian community festivals.

charlene-liCHARLENE LI

Charlene Li is a twenty something arts junkie with a few too many interests.   She thinks the Brisbane arts scene is Australia’s best kept secret, and that good art can transcend barriers – which this festival is a perfect example of.   She occasionally shares some of her experiences on her blog.

JASON LOMASjason-lomas

Jason Lomas doesn’t take himself too seriously and neither should you. When he’s not looking up synonyms for “foulage” you can find him vacantly staring off into the distance within the local arts scene or at home, red-eyed from reading webcomics until late. If you enjoy silly anecdotes and dry British humour you can say hello via @pushwalk

patrick-mcgreevyPATRICK MCGREEVY

Patrick McGreevy is a Brisbane-based theatre performer, producer and director, who co-founded The Stan Dup Ensemble with Robbie Maher. Currently Patrick works as an actor, director and producer with The Stan Dup Ensemble and will be presenting The DIY Festival in November 2015.

rebecca-newtonREBECCA NEWTON

Bec Newton  is a starry-eyed twenty-something with two cats and too many hobbies. She hosts trivia on Tuesdays, thinks in song lyrics and Facebook status updates, and you can find her at for craft (failures), adult (failures), artsy (failures), and other fun stuff.



Maddie Nixon is a Brisbane based Stage Manager, who has recently started pursuing roles in writing and dramaturgy. In 2015 she will be undertaking dramaturgy mentorships under Kathryn Kelly and David Burton, and is participating in the Australian Theatre for Young People Fresh Ink Playwriting Mentorship. 



Jonathan O’Brien loves theatre and he probably loves you too. He enjoys the energy of a live performance ’cause it reminds him of getting lightheaded on an international flight when you look out the window and can’t see anything but the dark water all round. He’s had works published here and there, and you can watch him race along at or @jonobri.


Toni Petersen is an English and Drama teacher who is thrilled to combine these two loves during her role as an Anywhere Festival Reviewer for 2015.




Joshua Scott is a freelance writer/editor who has contributed stories, poems and bad jokes to various anthologies, magazines and his sister’s homework. He juggles poorly and silently judges people in his free time. Otherwise, he charges quite reasonable rates. He lives in Brisbane, Australia and can be contacted at



Kate Stark is a full-time journalist and photographer based in Brisbane. She is passionate about supporting the Brisbane artistic movement as it gives voice to and creates dialogue between artists, audience members, communities and friends. 

ASHLEIGH WADMANashleigh-wadman

Ashleigh Wadman is a mixed bag: curator, researcher and arts writer. Having recently returned to Queensland after developing her educational and professional experience in Canberra museums and galleries, Ashleigh is busy delving into the South East Queensland arts scene. She is passionate about showcasing the region’s talent on her blog,


Meredith Walker is a Brisbane Theatre blogger. She writes as Blue Curtains Brisbane and also as a reviewer for XS Entertainment. Meredith has a passion for seeing and celebrating Brisbane’s thriving independent theatre scene. Festivillany is her favourite extreme artistic sport.


Peter Peter Cabral – Photographer

Peter is  a photographer originally from Canada and have been living in Australia for the past 7 years.  His passion is music and theatre and is very much looking forward to collaborating with the wonderful Anywhere Theatre Festival acts.


Stuart Hirth – Photographer

Stuart plunged himself into ATF13 by capturing 16 performances during its short season. Often this included two performances per night, with the following day put aside for culling, cropping and posting. Stuart believes that performance photography has its own challenges that include poor quality low light, and performers that won’t  stand still, but there of course is the challenge.


Jan Hollingsworth likes to focus on people and street photography in her images.

She has had local and international success, has had three group exhibitions and is a Licentiate of the Australian Photography Association. Her work has been used on local websites and enewsletters. She has traveled extensively and enjoys documenting and exploring visually. She holds degrees in Physiotherapy and in Arts from the University of Queensland, and works in government.


Specialising in candid portraits, documentary and event photography (or, as he puts it, “anything but weddings”), Geoff is a volunteer photographer for the 2015 Anywhere Festival in Brisbane. Look out for samples of his work on the Anywhere Festival website or at



Ruby Newport is a multi-disciplinary artist currently studying in her final year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama and Entertainment) at QUT. She has a keen interest in all things Theatre and Photography so when the chance came to photograph for Anywhere Festival she jumped at it! Ruby is incredibly passionate about Theatre in its various forms and loves capturing all of the weird and wonderful moments it provides.