Satirical magic at its finest – Master of Delusions at Anywhere Festival

Satirical magic at it’s finest
Master of Delusions: All the Best debuts in May 2019
Master of Delusions: All the best is an anarchic, alternative, satirical comedy/magic show.

The show will run for 60 minutes, tickets cost $15 each and the venues/times are:
Books@stones, Stones Corner – May 10 – 6pm & 8pm
Books@stones, Stones Corner – May 17– 6pm & 8pm
Books@stones, Stones Corner – May 24 – 6pm & 8pm

Master of Delusions: All the Best is a curated collection of close-up and parlor magic tricks performed with a satirical bent. The show is a compilation of the best bits of 2016’s Master of Delusions and It’s sequel Master Of Delusions 2 Cool 2 Spurious as well as some new material designed specifically for this show.

The show specifically has an audience-oriented philosophy. Whereas most magic shows are passive experiences, Master of Delusions: All the Best aims to bring the audience inside the show by both involving select audience members as participants in tricks and by creating an engaging open environment of honesty in the show.

Created in rebellion to the ideologies of traditional magic acts; the Master of Delusions brand is, at its heart, about stripping the condescending elements out of magic in an attempt to create a more enjoyable experience for the audience.

Part of this experience is created by just how close the audience can be in a Master of Delusions show (mere inches away). Thats a dynamic you just don’t have in a traditional theatre space. Being an Anywhere Festival show lets spectators right up into the action, creating a truly unique experience for the audience.

Aaron Ducker has been a stand-up comedian for over ten years, wherein he has gained the recognition of his peers. As a magician, he is known for his innovative process. Aaron is one of the very few (statistically 1% of) magicians who actively creates his own material and illusions.


For information or questions, please contact:
Aaron Ducker 0431750697