Man About the Buderim House review by Joy Hinckley

Man About the Buderim House review by Joy Hinckley

Buderim Treehouse, 25 May 2019

An audience member I met during interval described this show as “refreshing and authentic”. They’re good words. Tim Ross and Kit Warhurst come across as two genuinely nice, unaffected blokes who have just invited a bunch of people up to a mate’s place for some yarns and music.

A blend of stand up comedy and music with an architecture talk doesn’t spring to mind as a natural fit, but it works.

Ross’ passion for architecture, especially the Modernist buildings of the 50s – 70s, is woven throughout the laughs. For him, this style of building is not only aesthetically appealing, but tied in with nostalgia for his boyhood. In anecdotes that head off on rapid-fire tangents to other tales, he casts a fond eye back to days of dog turds steaming then slowly whitening on suburban lawns. Of no-safety-net trampolines that could suddenly turn rogue and cost the unwary their teeth.

Kit Warhurst’s songs have a warm, witty narrative vibe, reflecting aspects of life’s passages. His wry love song to suburbia delighted the capacity audience.

Judy, their song about  women in their sixties made this reviewer fidget with her dangly earrings and clutch her silk scarf. A bit of respect, lads. Don’t think of us as old, just “genuine Mid-Century Modern”!

Man About the House‘s season is now over on the Sunshine Coast, but the duo have a new touring show coming up, Motel.