Location – Paint Factory, Yeronga

115 Hyde Road, Yeronga

On Friday 19 May and Saturday 20 May we are running a mini festival at the Paint Factory to close the Brisbane Anywhere Festival, with a potential for Sunday depending on demand.

It will be set up to have a range of performances in four key locations:

  • Grassy Noll and Driveway
  • Blue / White Room with cubicles
  • Bund 2 Stand alone brick building
  • Lower Level Industrial Shed with Yellow Poles
  • Upper Level Industrial Shed with Yellow Poles

there are other potential spaces included below from the undercover mini car park, to largee green fields, but the key programming is about the spaces above.

The Paint Factory normally charges for hiring individual spaces, but by pooling together as a group booking and have a few shows per space, we look to reduce this amount significantly to a nominal amount.

If you are interested, talk to Paul and follow this link to put in potential slots (including time to set up and get out)

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