Kiss of the Vampire Squid

Presented by Act/React

…and other creepy stories of the sea

A life at sea is all Able Seaman Jack ever wanted, and The Widows Delight seems like a grand and sturdy ship. All these whispers of a curse are surely just superstition…

The historic HMAS Diamantina becomes the vessel for dark comedy, live music and never-before-heard ghostly stories of the sea.

Act/React is the company behind “Speed: The Movie, The Play” (Brisbane Comedy Festival 2015), “Titanic: The Movie, The Play” (Brisbane Comedy Festival 2016), “Let Them Eat Cake” (Anywhere Theatre Festival 2017) and “Love/Hate Actually” (Wonderland Festival 2017).

“A clear festival highlight…clever comedy all around.” – Blue Curtains Brisbane

Presented in partnership with the Queensland Maritime Museum.


2 reviews

  1. Very big laughs on fairly large boat

    Face hurts from laughing. Extremely silly fun aboard a very serious boat. Feels so naughty! We loved it!

  2. Atmospheric and Funny
    Theses actors were fabulously clever.
    Well done!!

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60 mins


412 Stanley Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101
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