Present by Noah Milne

What crown are you ruled by?

In the beginning there was nothing, no Life, nor Death, no Light nor Darkness.

However, nothing can stay the same forever. So as the Earth and Humanity developed, the members of the Spectrum were born. They now fight for power and have come to earth to settle the score, to see who has the most followers. They charge you with that decision.

You are invited to the Summit of Mt Coot-Tha to establish who holds the most power within the Spectrum. For their power comes from your following.

Whether it’s the essence of Light and Darkness, or the teachings from the Oceans and the Lands. You are lead by one or more of these entities. Decide if your heart is driven by Generosity or Greed. Decide which member of the Spectrum you follow.

Capacity of venue is only: 80
1012 Sir Samuel Griffith Drive, Mount Coot-Tha QLD 4066
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45 min



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Summit Resturant
Sir Samuel Griffith Drive Mount Coot-Tha

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