The Secret Garden – An Australian Outback Story (SOLD OUT)

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From the classic all time favourite story we can all remember comes an Australian adaptation – an outback story that you will never forget.

Mary, after being orphaned, travels from her comfortable life in India to the dusty Queensland outback to live on her uncle’s cattle station. Under the strict rule of Mrs Medlock, the old fashioned housekeeper to her friendship with the Aboriginal gardener named Ben, who is the keeper of the family’s secrets and has the wisdom of his people, Mary discovers the magic of nature and the outback.

Through her will-power and the magic of nature she inspires her cousin Colin to overcome his beliefs and change. The Veggie Community Garden will bloom into life with wonderful story-telling featuring bush poetry and music.

The colourful adult and youth characters are guaranteed to appeal to the whole family.

Special Instructions: seating provided and ample parking
Capacity of venue is only: 60
Veggie Village Community Garden, 4 Rufous Street, Peregian Beach QLD 4573
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9 reviews

  1. So Real it was Unreal!

    A clever play, magnificent setting in a real garden with real birds flying through and calling… it really set the scene!

    These young actors, some of whom were first-time actors, have really developed skills and confidence. I was impressed by the solid, passionate acting, great timing. Overall the diction was clear and despite the open-air setting we could hear it all… Well done

    I also liked that they had REAL people in each role, not young kids playing old people or white-fellas pretending to be indigenous. The casting alone gave the play a sense of authenticity!

    Mrs Medlock made me “quiver in me boots”! I don’t know if she is acting from life experience but her moods were palpable, raw and real. I really felt there was no messing around with her.

    Young Bianca who played Mary Lennox, had a massive role in which she was able to exhibit a range of emotions. One scene in Collin’s bedroom had me reeling back with the force and power of her delivery.

    Well done Scriptwriter! Well done Director! Well done all the Actors. and well done to all those behind the scenes people who smoothly, efficiently, quietly, invisibly make a show like this a success and enjoyable for us, the audience

  2. This coming-of-age play can be summarised in three bullet-points…

    1. A beautifully written, poetic script;

    2. An exceptional choice of venue, which was paired with an artistic set; and

    3. A fantastic cast that seemed to enjoy every second on-stage.

  3. Wholesome, family-friendly event

    A wholesome, family-friendly event which offers something for all ages. The story of self-discovery, friendship and connection to place is one that is universal. Talented young actors with wonderful references to classic poetry and Dreamtime.

  4. We drove up from Sydney to see the play, as it is one of my favourites. My Husband wasn’t to impressed with the drive but was so impressed with the play that he raved about it all the way back to Sydney. This was a great break through for me as when we were in London I went to see Beautiful by myself as I usually do and he collects me afterwards. I think after his wonderful experience watching the Secret Garden I will no longer have to go to shows and plays by myself.
    We just couldn’t fault the play or the performers! The setting was enchanting as watching the Secret Garden in a Community Garden made it such a wonderful experience. The props were unique just by themselves, especially the wheelchair, a master find!
    I was in awe and on the edge of my chair the whole time and was so disappointed when interval was announced so much so that I didn’t leave my chair. All the Actors and Actresses were superb and so professional especially the Lead Actress Bianca Wylie her performance was faultless and we were amazed that she could remember such an extensive dialogue without one mistake.
    Bravo to the Producers Helena and Roger Wylie. Thank you all so much, we will be keeping our eyes open for more Red Robin Entertainment. Yours Gratefully Lesley Bates and Ian Kirkham

  5. A beautifully directed, beautifully written and superbly acted portrayal of this wonderful story.

    The seamless act links, attention to detail and masterful use of the community garden setting made this play an absolute joy to watch, with such creative use of the available space and outdoor conditions only adding to the authenticity and experience.

    The professionalism and passion that went into this production by all those involved is clear to see and while the actors all gave stellar performances and should be incredibly proud of themselves, a special mention is deserved for Bianca Wylie’s faultless achievement, delivering complex, drawn out passages whilst maintaining a solid connection with the audience. A true natural on stage.

    Well done and thank you to everyone involved.

  6. Heartwarming Aussie Adaptation

    The Secret Garden – An Outback Story was absolutely wonderful on all accounts.

    Roger Wylie’s adaptation of the classic novel was a stroke of brilliance. I thoroughly enjoyed the Australiana feel which was woven through the characters, dialogue, music, costumes, props and surroundings.

    My first viewing of the play was in the early evening. The location was heartwarming with the sun beginning to set and rays of light showing off the beauty of the community garden. As the darkness began to envelope us in our little world of The Secret Garden, the crew enhanced the atmosphere with lighting design. My son and I enjoyed the performance so much that we returned on the weekend to an afternoon session. This provided a thoroughly enjoyable environment to pass the time on a lovely Autumn afternoon. I noticed more little treasures on the set and I looked closer at the intricacies of the character’s costumes, in particular the kookaburra. Made by hand by a local teenage school boy, the kookaburra’s costume was beautifully designed with accurate colours and very flexible for the young actress inside it.

    The acting was top class all round. Bianca Wylie shone in her role as the main protagonist, Mary Lennox. She brought the character to life as a bratty, entitled, spoilt teenager who realised things are quite different in Australia, far removed from her privileged life of servants back in India. Bianca also sparks pity from the audience, as Mary is recently orphaned and has had to move to outback Queensland to her uncle’s property. Miss Wylie cleverly engages the emotions of the audience through her tone of voice, facial expressions and posture. A difficult balance for a young actress. Bianca Wylie should achieve great heights as an actor/singer and I look forward to her next role. A star in the making.

    Another special mention must go to Eileen Walder who played the formidable Mrs Medlock with apparent ease. Her portrayal of the antagonist of the story is met beautifully. She manages to perfectly balance the character’s superiority complex with relatable emotions of fear, kindness and compassion. A joy to watch.

    The Producers were able to capture a glimpse of life for The First People in colonial Australia, by portraying the story’s gardener, Ben, as a young Aboriginal man who tended the kitchen garden. Ben imparted his wisdom on the younger characters. This was a pivotal reminder of how we are all caretakers of the land, and very fitting to the beautiful grounds the play was set in. This and other themes relevant to today were reflected upon.

    A play perfect for all ages, The Secret Garden – An Australian Outback Story, emphasises the importance of friendship, resilience and the magic of nature.

    Be sure to catch this show in August for a limited time. Ticket sale proceeds will assist Queensland’s farmers affected by the severe drought.


    Roger Wylie’s awesome adaptation of the much loved classic novel, “The Secret Garden”, was performed in the Village Veggie Garden at Peregian Beach, a unique and perfect setting.

    The acts flowed seamlessly from outside to inside and were a pure delight to watch. Apart from three very believable adult actors the entire cast were teenagers who were all amazing and true to character. Bianca Wylie who played the lead role is certainly to be watched as an emerging actor and she truly captured the essence of Mary Lennox.

    A big round of applause to the Scriptwriter, Producer and Directors. Looking forward to your next production.

  8. A Saturday to remember 😉

    Its not often that one family manages to connect as a whole, bringing other families together as a community in a creative way like the Wylies’ have managed to do. Seeing my favourite novel brought to life, using the vintage variables of outback Australia was breathtakingly awesome. Who doesn’t love that nostalgic feeling when one comes across an experience which evokes a fabulous childhood memory. To connect with the here and now is something many families and individuals have forgotten. To have children voluntarily remove themselves from the common world of virtual reality in 2019 is so rewarding. Like a burst of fresh air to wake wake us all up, leaving one feeling refreshed, alive and happy. The script’s text semantics so cleverly adapted with crisp elocution adjusting continually as we were introduced to each character. The organic acoustics combined with engineered sound had the entire audience 100% immersed with keen interest. To be actually surrounded by beautiful flowers, animals & the sea breeze, little rows of lettuces and tiny vegetables and herbs, while Mary embraced her new life with courage after being made an orphan, made one feel they were part of the act. Transferring a contemporary community garden space into a 19th century cattle station, including an open central theatre stage production complete with bespoke furniture props, antique collectibles & costumes takes very careful planning and artistic intelligence. An attribute they should be very proud of. Thank you very much for entertaining us all fabulous Wylie Family & cast, I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the encore at Noosa Arts Theatre on the 3rd of August. 5***** for this fabulous even and a Saturday to remember for a long time 😉

  9. Excellent Adaption of a Classic Novel

    My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this engaging, entertaining play performed in an intimate community garden setting.

    Roger Wylie took a very English novel and turned it into a very Australian play from the “Cooee” call at the beginning to the reocurring kookaburra throughout the play. All of the actors portrayed their characters extremely well and the lead actor, Bianca, was a delight to watch. She demonstrated such confidence in her performance and proved she is a natural in front of an audience.

    The team of cast and crew should feel proud of this wonderful production. Well done!

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