How To Save Earth From An Alien Birth And Other Cosmic Affairs (SOLD OUT)

Presented by The Adwah Haswah Theatre Company of Wonder and Magic

A Ridiculous Political Space Mystery

Earth has been taken over by an advanced alien race and have requested that the UN send two ambassadors from Earth to negotiate the fate of humankind:  two Millenials.

After winning an Anywhere Award for 2018’s The Uber To Hell, Adam Hasa and Jordan Schulte’s new absurdist comedy play hits West End’s ground roots arts hub The Sideshow – come along and witness this unique blend of science fiction, political satire and just downright silliness.’

Al Ianstein and Evie Theresa are sent to ‘Planet Jumbuck’ and discover that there will be a vote in the Galactic Congress to either save or exterminate Earth.

The Jumbuck Prime Minister Bildeep wishes to convince congress to save Earth in the interest of ‘fulfilling a major campaign promise’ and adding them to their empire. However Bildeep mysteriously falls pregnant – a punishable crime in Jumbuck world, and is incarcerated leaving Al and Evie without their ally and only hope to sway the vote.

The two are then set on a mission to prove Bildeep’s innocence and convince the Galactic Congress to vote ‘Save’ as they try to negotiate unorthodox space politics, survive interplanetary journeys, and deal with the many, many alien species of the universe in the ultimate space adventure mystery.

At the very least it’ll be better than Solo.

Capacity of venue is only: 50
349 Montague Road, West End QLD 4101
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110min including intermission



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How To Save Earth From An Alien Birth and Other Cosmic Affairs


The Sideshow
349 Montague Road, West End


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