Remembering Shakespeare in Doonan

Presented by InsideOutside Theatre Company

The joy of memories, the power of words

Explore belonging, identity, memory and regret through the timeless beauty of Shakespeare’s words. 

Remembering Shakespeare follows Tabitha’s journey as dementia advances, and she struggles to convince her family and the authorities to allow her to remain in the home she has spent much of her life in. In Shakespeare’s texts, she finds the inspiration and desire to remember snapshots from her past. This promenade performance features actors delivering Shakespeare’s words and portraying some of the characters he created as her story unfolds.

Previewed in development at Scratch Night, Queensland Theatre and NeverLand Theatre, North Lakes, this performance blends modern dialogue, verse, dance, classical and recent music. Featuring experienced and emerging performers Remembering Shakespeare explores the self through Shakespeare’s words.

A moving, contemporary tale that will appeal to lovers of Shakespeare and audience members who are not so familiar with his plays and sonnets.




Special Instructions: Promenade performance so please wear comfortable shoes, unfortunately no wheelchair access at either venue
Capacity of venue is only: 50





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