Boundless Reflections

Presented by XYZ ARI in collaboration with Anthony Elliott Baker

Explore your consciousness within these bricks and bars

A brick in the walls of the Gatehouse is just a brick, as a brain in a body is just a brain. Both are barriers. Neither provide evidence as to where consciousness is constructed.

The Gatehouse is a space in between two spaces. A place, resembling a birth canal, designed to initiate new residence into a confinement of self-reflection and redemption. This immersive installation affords the audience an opportunity to spectate their own participation and to consider their ‘self’ in relation to their body, actions and environment.

Boundless Reflections is a site-specific installation of sculptural work, audio and digital visual art which invites the audience to contemplate their cognitive processes and the constituents which construct the self. To contemplate how sensory stimulation, spatial navigation, bodily awareness attribute to consciousness. We invite you to this installation to consider yourself as the audience and simultaneously as the ‘cast’.

Capacity of venue is only: 40
Boggo Road Gaol, 21 Boggo Road, (Off Annerley Road), Dutton Park ,
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