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Puck’s back, and someone gave him wifi

“When last I walked this earth, I chanced upon four lovers…”

Something is interfering with Fae Magic. Puck tries to figure out why(fi). When he stumbled through the mortal plane in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, he made a mess. This time he’s on the internet, so everything should go much more smoothly.

Magnetic North Theatre Company returns to Anywhere after their hugely successful season of ‘Medusa’, and award-winning ‘Cassandra and The Boy Doll’. Join us in a secluded corner of the internet (conveniently located in Bardon) and watch a blended multimedia & live show that is equal parts funny and #true.

On the internet, extremism masquerades as rational discussion, and consequences seem to lose their gravity.

“Lord what fools these mortals be” Act III, scene ii A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This show carries a 15+ rating and deals with issues of violence, suicide and online harassment. It won’t be suitable for everyone.

Special instructions: We regret that this venue is not wheelchair accessible because it is a sloping garden. Accomodations can be made if you need a hand with mobility aids. 2 minute walk from public transport and surrounding streets have plenty of free parking.


4 reviews

  1. Deft treatment of tough topics.

    The Magnetic North Theatre Company has once again excelled in delivering a powerful message. The punches came in a series for the audience but the treatment of the topics of cyber-bullying and youth suicide was deft and sensitive. The audience was drawn into a space of understanding and then commanded to consider the consequences and to change the current mindlessness of cyber-interaction. There is a gentle flavour of humour at times which encouraged the less techno savvy of us to engage meaningfully with the impressions and projections.
    If you are a parent, seeing this is a must.
    If you are a teacher of secondary students, seeing this is a must.
    If you are a user/abuser of social media, seeing this is a must.

  2. Extremely clever conceptualisation and staging

    Did not know what to expect but as a lover of Shakespeare’s ‘Puck’ was willing to give this a go. Incredible script, very clever staging and a uniformly strong cast.

  3. Puck

    I do enjoy theatre in its raw state. Puck did not dissapoint me infact I was impressed by the way the cast acted out a very powerful message of a major problem in todays society.

  4. Puck: a brilliant show

    Wow! Every minute of this one hour production was amazing. It is about a now too common occurrence: cyber bullying. The script is very clever, step by step covering various aspects of how bullying takes place, what excuses people come up with to justify there actions etc. A must see for school kids, parents and teachers. Well done Magetic North Theatre Company.

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