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Express interest now for up to $1,500 towards a project

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Over the ever changing situation that is COVID-19, we want to ensure independent artists are paid to take creative risks to present in engaging ways that allow us to commune through shared live experiences.

Express interest now for up to $1,500 towards a live experience co-presented by Anywhere Festival starting 7 May.

We are offering to contribute towards approximately twenty projects due to a very generous anonymous donation made over the last couple of weeks.

You are still able (and we encourage you) to also earn income through online ticketing or subscriptions, which will be through Anywhere Festival. We will also assist you to market and tap into our audience base. You can also pitch a project relying on just box office or through separate funding if you don’t feel you need the contribution for your project.

Unlike the festival, there is no up front participation fee. Instead box-office will be a standard split with 80%* to you.

What kind of projects? We are looking for projects that can be delivered under current restrictions as well as those that can be delivered as restrictions open up over the coming months.

We want to work with you to develop new ideas that are uniquely relevant for the way in which we need to engage now. We are particularly in projects that adapt to make the most of the new environement over unadapted live streams of existing works. The SOCIAL DISTANCE SLUMBER PARTY (sold out) co-presented with Glitter Martini is a great example. All projects will receive support from us to make your project the best it can be, access to our premium accounts and marketing to Anywhere Festival audiences

We will be evaluating EOIs on a weekly basis in the order they are received and evaluated with the following criteria:

THE IDEA – Is it an interesting idea that fits within Anywhere that makes the most of the restrictions?
A DIFFERENCE – Will the amount requested make a difference between the project happening or not?
ARTISTS FIRST – We want money to go the performance creators first. DOABLE – Is the project doable in every sense of the word? Do you have the people and resources to make it happen? Are audience and ticketing expectations realistic?
BALANCE – How does it fit with other projects being presented with Anywhere?

More details in the form. Email to discuss first, or if you were a 2020 Anywhere Festival participant, use our details on the Producer Pack page.

*The box office may vary if substantial additional support is required from Anywhere Festival. This will be agreed up front.

  • Image of “You Are Invited” presented by Imploding Fictions via Skype at 2011 Anywhere Festival

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