polkadot • tiny house

polkadot tiny house is a new funky little shack occupied by a young couple promoting sustainability, affordability and community – it features three separate living areas all within a 6.5 metre long and 2.5 metre wide tiny house on wheels, while being 2.4m to 3.7m at it’s highest point – also features a two piece outdoor stage/platform which is up to 5 metres long and 1.5 metres wide (or alt configuration 3m x 2.5m). features a smart lighting system so it can flash like a disco, fully programmable. can go to any location, be it in the middle of a shopping mall, to a lookout, middle of a field or wilderness valley, as long as there’s a navigable road and permission – the polkadot is looking for amazing, fish out of water and unique opportunities to shine 🙂

  • Can presenters contact your directly?: Yes
  • Preferred Times: afternoons and evenings - no earlier than lunchtime
    Special Ticket Instructions: optionally 240v power or generators, optional water hookup or can exist off-grid for a limited time simply on solar power, rainwater and an atmospheric water generator. we also currently carry event insurance & public liability for community events for up to 2,000 people and would need to seek additional insurance if any given event involves dancing or camping. full security camera coverage inside and out when needed.
    Show/Venue Capacity: infinite

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