The Party to End All Parties

Presented by Sho Eba, Gemma Elsom & Joseph Wilson

The world is ending and there's too much vodka in my drink.

Everyone received the same news: The End of the World is here and you have one week left.
Set at a party held during the final hours of Earth, three strangers meet and ask themselves, “Was it all worth it?” Watch these three misfits bond, brawl and find themselves; all before they kick the bucket with the rest world.
Amidst the heavy drinking, laughter and existential dread, The Party to End All Parties looks at ‘living in the now’ (with extra urgency).
Capacity of venue is only: 20
9 Grove Street, Woolloongabba QLD 4102
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The Party To End All Parties


Private Residence
9 Grove Street, Woolloongabba


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