The Divine Appeal of Medea

Presented by Salted Pineapple Productions

She’s Taking back her story!

We’ve all heard the story of Medea ‐ that she went crazy after her husband left her, that she killed his new bride and then her children.

Medea and Jason have both been blessed with eternal peace in the Elysian Fields but neither can find happiness with the other one there. The world has been told Medea’s story for centuries but never her side of it. She is now taking her agency back and telling her story her way.

You are invited to join the pantheon of Greek Gods and Goddesses. You have been summoned to hear the two‐sides of Euripides’ Medea and make judgement. You will explore the story of Medea unlike you have before – hear from citizen of Corinth, her children, Princess Glauce and King Creon. Before final hearing Medea and Jason tell their versions of the same events. It is the Gods and Goddesses responsibility to decide the fate of these two ancient figure.

The Divine Appeal of Medea is an theatre experience where audiences explores the world and make their own opinions on this retelling of Euripides’s ancient Greek tragedy Medea. Salted Pineapple Productions debut performance is a physically visceral and timely look at this ancient woman. Combining a new script, parts of Euripides original work, and beautifully choreographed movement witness Medea taking back her story.

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70 mins


880 Maroochydore Road, Forest Glen QLD 4556
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