The Radioplay Hour: Little Women

Presented by The Drama Merchant

A Retro Audio Experience

The Radioplay Hour is a retro audio adventure that transports audiences back to a time when radio was at the heart of family life.

Think of it as an audio book performed live before your very ears, with the option of a visual and interactive component, making it personally involving and a welcomed escape.

Audiences interact in The Radioplay Hour in two ways.

They can sit in front of the cast, with a coffee or drink in the Mary Grigor Centre, as part of the “studio audience” and be privy to the visual aid of the director, performers and sound effects team. Or as part of a small audience of 8-10 people in Bankfoot House – who get to experience what it was like to sit around a dining table & listen to a radio play.

The Drama Merchant and his radio team bring Louisa May Alcott’s universally beloved novel and coming of age story, Little Women, to the property of Bankfoot House and its picturesque landscape, for two shows only!

Capacity of venue is only: 50
Bankfoot House, 1998 Old Gympie Road, Glass House Mountains QLD 4518
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