Poetry at the Lighthouse (SOLD OUT)

Ben Burns

Illuminate your treacherous seas!

Your inner lighthouse is calling you to set sail into the vast unknown.

Ascend the stairs of the lighthouse into a poetic journey exploring the ways these beacons of hope symbolise departure and return and the knack of looking for the light.

Caloundra has the rare distinction of having twin lighthouses that stand as sentinels, watching over the unpredictable sea and reminding of a time past, when a simple light was all we had to guide us.

Come and listen to the stories these silent observers have to tell.

Partners to thank:

Friends of the Lighthouse

Capacity of venue is only: 18
10 Canberra Terrace, Kings Beach QLD 4551
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  1. Poetry at Caloundra Lighthouses - an interactive experience

    Pure Magic. What a wonderful evening, to climb 2 lighthouses at sunset, and be part of an interactive experience of poetry and inspiration. Ben encouraged us to examine ourselves as he intertwined his personal story and his own poems with the history of the lighthouses, and the light that guides. I personally loved climbing the stone steps slowly, reading the messages attached to every single one of the 47 steps.

    Expect to be there longer than 60 mins, this experience is packed full of good things.

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Poetry at the Lighthouse @ 5.30pm


Caloundra Lighthouses
3 Canberra Terrace, Kings Beach


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