The Laramie Project (CANCELLED)

Presented by Mad Women on the Shore

A gay fantasia of small town filth

The town of Laramie values the tradition of “live and let live”. 19 years ago their values were questioned when a student was bashed and left to die. At 21, Mathew Shepard became the poster boy for LGBT+ rights, shining a light into the darkness that’s beneath every town. From the company that brought you One Woman Woyzeck and The Maids, comes an irreverent rendering of a contemporary tragedy.

Mad Women on the Shore’s irreverent rendition of Laramie’s infamous story aims to probe and provoke.

Inspired by the works of John Waters, Divine, drag and queer culture this adaption is set to provoke audiences. The work aims to subject the audience to the everyday fears that the people of the LGBTQ+ community are subjected to every day. It demonstrates that we are not just victims of hate but are strong in the face of adversity and have a rich cultural background. This work asks that our audience looks beneath the surface, between the lines, beyond the closet and question what they value as human rights. A voice? Protection? Equality? Marriage?

Written by Moises Kaufman and the members of the Tectonic Theater Project.
Directed by Aidan Rowlingson.
Produced by Re’anne Duffy and Aidan Rowlingson.
Mentor: Anatoly Frusin.
Choreographed by Patty Cowely.
Sound Design by Jack Edwards.
Visuals by Calum Johnston.


110 mins



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