Invisible Things

Presented by Alex Mizzen

Have you ever felt boxed in?

A woman confined by a 3x3m transparent box wrestles with the unspoken and the unseen: the voice in her head, her identity and her darkness. She uncovers and dissolves her invisible things.

Derived from a secret and silent conversation kept through 17 years of personal journals this show begs the question: can we ever truly know another’s internal world?

Circus and dance-theatre converge to shine a light on the insidious nature of invisible things. Their effects are revealed and the voice in your head is cast as the lead player. This is not a seated performance: there is no sitting back and there will be questions… Tell me, have you met your invisible things?

Make the invisible, visible.

‘Mizzen matches brilliant strength and control with a more rare grace…’ Courier Mail
‘Spell-binding…an awe-inspiring display of strength and control.’ London Dance

Artist: Alex Mizzen
Collaborating Artist: Michael Maggs
Sound Design: Anna Whitaker
Rigging: Helen Clifford
Photography: Billie Wilson-Coffey

Thanks is humbly given to Vulcana Women’s Circus and Flipside Circus for hosting the creation and performance of Invisible Things.

* Seats will happily be made available on request for those requiring them.

Special thanks to…

Special instructions: Doors will open 20minutes prior to the evenings performance.


4 reviews

  1. A one woman De La Guarda, a one woman wonder.

    Excellent! Alex is a one woman De La Guarda. Invisible Things takes the audience to places of self doubt, manic energy and wondrous beauty. This is what new circus should be doing – utilising physical skills and originality in design and content to produce something weird, unexpected and haunting. The audience surround the striking set, and peer inside to glimpse the performer. The smoke drifts out, and we get a clearer picture of the woman trapped inside, or do we? Alex breaks through the glass ceiling, and the glass walls, can this hot house flower escape from the conservatory? The lights dim and we struggle to see. Ultraviolet reveals the writings of a beautiful mind, but what do they say? Get tickets to this show and expose yourself to it’s visible and invisible wonder.

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40 mins


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