Inertia: The First Law

Presented by Relativity

Balance comes from both sides

Relativity is a musically induced acrobatic group from Sydney. Inertia: The First Law explores balance as an objective that requires constant attention to avoid the extremes.

Change only happens when force is applied. All it takes is a little push.

So with a little push the gears started rolling and they applied for Anywhere Festival. They have looked at the world through music, dance and circus literally going upside down to see it from as many angles as they can and decided to explore just what keeps us in balance, what is too little or too much?

Come and join us to laugh at the absurdity that is life and to wonder at the balance that keeps everything in its place.

Capacity of venue is only: 30
Flipside Circus, 117 Mina Parade, Alderley , QLD 4051
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40 mins



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