I Can Fly

Presented by The Humour Experiment

A show about coming home

The Sideshow in West End is the perfect place for Dot to tell you her story. We find ourselves at home in a place that inspires creation and invites imagination.

Dot desperately wants to become a big beautiful butterfly! She regularly cocoons herself to make it happen. For some reason, it just isn’t working. She never gives up but it becomes a joke that she is at the centre of.

She will flirt with you, make you laugh and make you forget yourself for a little while.

There is a reason she isn’t changing. Maybe she doesn’t need to try. Maybe it is time.

Partners to thank:

The Sideshow, West End

Capacity of venue is only: 70
The Sideshow, 349 Montague Road, West End , QLD 4101
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50 min



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