Presented by Rebecca Cheers and Christopher Batkin

In the sprawling, brawling literary bohemia of 1920’s Sydney, the daughter of a well-known poet rules the cafes. In middle-class Melbourne, Australia’s first home-grown female lawyer writes about changing the world. They share the same name, and become tangled up in history long after they are gone.

Half-World is a feminist fantasy, a remix of history where the two women meet and step into each other’s worlds.

Making the Wooloongabba Substation its home — a heritage building with 20s history of its own — Half-World is a new short play debuting in Anywhere 2018. Sometimes funny, sometimes wistful, sometimes mad as hell: if you’re curious about the very different lives of historical women living at the same time, this play is for you.

Directed by:
Christopher Batkin
Written by:
Rebecca Cheers
Production and Stage Manager:
Kayla Robinson
Costume Designer:
Rebecca Laffey

Featuring Lucy Czerwinski and Melanie Bolovan

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2 reviews

  1. Woman to woman: Tea vs Whisky, Melbourne vs Sydney

    I went along to the Woolloongabba substation last night having little idea what to expect. Firstly, what a great space this is and wonderful to see it being used in this way.

    No doubt the blankness of the canvass was both a boon and a challenge for the creation of the piece. Yet Rebecca Cheers and Christopher Baktin effectively transported us to both bohemian Sydney in the 1920s and the prim and proper period Melbourne of lawyers and their social distance.

    Effectively the piece is three conversations threaded together into three intriguing scenes that point to the darker malevolence of both the women’s worlds.

    Two Anne Brennans, a brother and a lover with tea and whisky. It’s a vital piece of imaginative work that is crisply and cleverly carried with impressive presence from the three on stage and nicely supported with effective use of minimal music and lighting. Hats off to the work.
    #woolfpackbrisbane #anywheretheatre #rebeccacheers #woolloongabba

  2. Intriguing

    An intense performance by two wonderful female actresses, Lucy Czerwinski and Melanie Bolovan, in a very intimate space. Direction and support acting by Christopher Batkin who takes a minimal set and places us in various scenes very clearly.
    The story is of two powerful women leaving their marks firmly on all they encounter in life in two very different ways. They step into each others world and experience female strengths very different yet very similar to themselves.
    I found the music, lighting and paced dialogue intriguing.
    Congratulations to author Rebecca Cheers for her beautifully written script. I would highly recommend this play.

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