Giving Up the Ghosts (Show Cancelled)

Presented by Owl Productions

In Two Hours We Will Be Dead…What Do You Want To Talk About?

Giving Up The Ghosts is the first play of stand-up comedian and writer Sarah Young, premiering at Perth’s iconic Blue Room Theatre in 2014.

With the entire play being set within the carpark of an abandoned factory, the Anywhere Festival presents an exciting opportunity to stage this work within an actual carpark. The eerie atmosphere of this work will only be amplified by such real-world surroundings, providing a whole other level of experimentation to this piece.

Taking this play out of the comfort of a theatre and into an actual carpark offers many exciting changes (and challenges) to ‘Ghosts’, Its Brisbane audience will get to see a very different and unique performance to that of its original debut season inside a cosy theatre space. Using a real carpark as a venue will no doubt add to the play’s unsettling atmosphere, giving its audience a truly unique and raw theatre experience.

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60 mins



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West End Central Carpark, 220 Melbourne Street, Brisbane City QLD 4101


Thu, 10 May; Sun, 27 May