FLOOD by Chris Isaacs

Presented by Emma Lamberton + Brie Jurss

‘Once a decision is made... you can’t go back’

“It’s going to be the summer of our lives!”

Six twenty-something year old’s reunite for a private getaway in the Australian Outback. Road tripping for hours, they sing at the top of their lungs, coming together as if they had never been apart. Just them, the open road and the land, on a trip that couldn’t go wrong- until it does. Their actions, reactions and how they process the events that follow will change their lives forever.

FLOOD by Chris Isaacs can act as a warning to us as a nation to move forward by exploring identity and the unconscious racial bias in our country.

A night of unique storytelling in the open air at the University of Queensland in the Great Court. Wear you comfiest clothes, bring your camp chair, a thermos of your favourite hot drink, and you’re there camping with the gang.


Special Instructions: Parking is available at UQ
Capacity of venue is only: 50
Mansfield Place, Saint Lucia QLD 4067
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2 reviews

  1. How to deny murder?

    Death/Murder: A difficult situation to live with, in any country, at any time. Emotions run high and we get irrational when we are afraid….and then we do the unspeakable.

    As each character shares their memory and pain of the event we get to know them a little bit – however it was not enough for me to be left with a “What would you do?” question.

    There were some beautiful moments of reflection and wonder from the characters; in particular, Vanessa when she realised the victim had no shoes on; and Frankie when she saw the kangaroos by the river.

    The venue (UQ Great Court) was amazing, except for the damn birds which challenged the actors with their projection. I would have liked the set to be smaller so I could feel the tension and fear from the characters. The open space is real and doesn’t need to be enhanced.

  2. This play was the perfect choice for Anywhere Theatre Festival. The venue allowed for the audience to be pulled into the story and feel as though they were going along with the cast. Loved the seating choices (beanbags, picnic blankets and camping chairs) as well as citronella candles and blankets to really set the camping vibe.
    Every actor was strong on stage and presented their point of view in a way that allowed the show to be a true ensemble piece. Congratulations to the team!

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