Fish Out of Water

Hayley Condon

Have you ever felt like a fish out of water?

Embarrassed, alone and hung out to dry. This what its like to be a human facepalm, a real fish out of water.

Underneath the skin lurks invasive thoughts, crippling doubts and waves of emotion. Knowing that everyone else has it figured out while you continue to flounder.

Fish Out of Water explores the entrapping inner worlds of a band of millennials and their social anxiety.

Hayley Condon’s characters will take you on a journey of their struggles and feelings as they stare down their anxieties and look into themselves.

Is it too late for them to plunge back in the water? Is there still time to make a splash?

Partners to thank:

Kai Coffee

Capacity of venue is only: 25 Max.
Kai Coffee Harmony, Harmony Boulevard, Harmony Estate, Palmview Harmony Boulevard, Palmview QLD 4553
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Fish Out Of Water


Kai Coffee Harmony
Harmony Boulevard, Harmony Estate, Palmview


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