Urban Twitters: Dis.connect.ed

Presented by D.I.V.E. Theatre Collective

Twitter performances on the streets of Noosa Junction.

In a virtually connected world, how is it that we are less connected to those around us? How are our personal relationships being redesigned and reshaped?

How are we becoming ever more disconnected simply by being more connected?

Urban Twitters: Dis.connect.ed is a series of devised “twitter” performances: short two-minute pieces inspired by truthful lived human experiences. Fragmented tales of love, hate, relationships, connections and disconnections that will offer new perspectives on what it means to be oneself and the other in actual and cyberspace. Each play brings something unique, be it humour, depth, sophistication, repulse, mockery, fear, or a poem – all honest and deeply inspiring.

This will be a wandering performance on the streets of Noosa Junction. The audience will follow the participants on a journey of self-discovery through the world of theatre, dance, visual arts, music and digital media.

Partners to thank:

Photos by Vlad Da Cunha

Capacity of venue is only: 60 people
Meet at Noosa Junction Plaza Entrance , Noosa Junction, QLD 4567
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  1. Short, sharp and absolutely brilliant

    Wow, what a fantastic performance. Dramatic but funny and definitely thought-provoking. Please connect!

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