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They are alive and they are here

Dinosaurs are alive and they are here. Please… you have to help. They are about to break loose and Dinocorp can’t hold them back much longer.

Dinopocalypse is an immersive, interactive experience hosted by Dinocorp to challenge our perception of the other. Dinosaurs have found their way to the surface and, as more break free, its time we showed you the truth. They may seem human at times but they’re unused to people and we’re still learning a lot about them.

Do we help them break free? Do we stop them from harming more people? What is the truth and how much can we trust what we’ve heard in the news?

Beverages will be made available for purchase throughout the evening but be careful with whom you associate… Some more… extreme individuals known as the Dinosaur Resistance have been known to be about.

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75 mins


38 Lytton Road, East Brisbane QLD 4169
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