Master of Delusions: 2 Cool 2 Spurious

Presented by Aaron Ducker

More tricks. More satire. Less self respect.

Brisbane’s naughty boy of magic returns with a brand new satirical show that will skewer the magic industry as you know it!

Picture this: He walks in dressed in black. Tacky chrome jewelery adorns his fingers. As he saunters across the room he tries to breathe an air of coolness but on the exhale he weezes into a faint cough… because underneath it all he’s a magic nerd who just spent hours in his bedroom learning a coin vanish. He’s not fooling anyone. Don’t pity him though: He’s just a fictional construct. However, his fictional day is about to get worse. You see; his whole schtick is about to be exposed in the sequel to 2016’s satirical disasterpiece “Master of Delusions.”

This year Aaron Ducker returns to the Anywhere Festival to present some of the worst, most pathetic, cringe-worthy, try-hard ways magicians have tried to make magic seem cool! If you liked Master of Delusions you will love 2 Cool 2 Spurious! Laugh and cringe as Aaron Ducker takes you behind the curtain and lays everything bare. This year: more tricks, more Laughs and less self respect. That is Master of Delusions: 2 Cool 2 Spurious. Creative and unique magic with an acerbic satirical twist! This is not a show you just sit and impartially watch and clap politely. That’s boring! No, this is a show you will be made an intimate part of! You won’t see another magic show like this!

“One Funny motherf***er” – Eddie Ifft.

“That’s amazing.”- Dave Hughes


60 mins



2 reviews

  1. Prepare to be amazed and amused

    Wonderful and unique, an awesome blend of comedy and magic in an intimate, interactive show that really shouldn’t be missed. Not like any other show. I laughed so much it almost hurt, and being able to participate in the tricks was such an awesome experience. It didn’t feel like just being in an audience, it truly felt like one was a part of the show. A truly amazing experience.

  2. A fun, smart blend of comedy and magic. Highly recommend.

    A really fun, smart act and a cosy venue. I took my 11 year old son and we both loved the show. Aaron kept us entertained from the opening gambit to the finale. It’s like having a cool friend hanging out in your lounge room blowing your mind.

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, Stones Corner QLD 4120
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Books@Stones, 360 Logan Rd, Stones Corner, QLD 4120
288 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006


Sat, 12 May; Sat, 19 May


6:00pm | 8:00pm