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2120; Humanity's final hour dawns.

2120. Orbiting Saturn, our crew pushes the boundaries of space exploration as Earth once again turns to the stars.

While forging our new path, our systems and training fail us. Lights flicker, communications fail, propulsion stops. Out of the silence an unknown signal emerges.

2120; Humanity’s final hour dawns.

Partners to thank:

Lavender Lane Photography.

Special Instructions: Please wear comfortable, flat shoes. It may be chilly - please wear something warm!
Capacity of venue is only: 20
Private Residence in Woolloongabba , QLD 4102
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  1. Fascinating premise, looking forward to more!

    Loved this show! Looking forward to seeing where the girls take the script in future it has so much promise! Would gladly watch a full film/tv series of the plot. Incredible set and fantastic cast. Had some points where character motivation/development seemed a little unclear (an interesting portrayal of psychology, for one – needed more tension to ease acceptance of that conversation), but all around a fantastic job. I assumed it was a pre-established script that had been adapted and couldn’t believe they’d written it themselves.

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Private Residence in Woolloongabba


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