The CLINTS Come Again!

Presented by Laine Loxlea Danann, Elise Greig & Jo Greig

An 80’s infused Scandalous Expose!

The Show: The Clints, an all-girl 80s cousin band are bona fide yesterday’s heroes who are hell bent on a comeback! Catapulted back into the limelight after an ex-band member’s murderous love scandal makes headlines, the gormless Clints grab this opportunity to reform the band! They’ve dusted of their 80’s gear for a night of chart-topping renditions and humorous repartee in this tell-all musical exposé.

The Venue: Australian Modern is a mid-century home at Carina, which provides a unique setting to enjoy performances in the lounge and then continue the casual social atmosphere with a drink on the deck overlooking the pool.

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9 Burchell Street, Carina QLD 4152
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