Super Circus Squad

Presented by Happy Haps Productions

A circus choose your own adventure origin story

Super Circus Squad is a superhero origin story written by YOU the audience. This show is completely interactive. It follows the journey of 2 new superheroes who need you to determine their powers, their fears, their strengths and their weaknesses in order to defeat their super villain…the audience VILLAINTEER! Choose your words wisely.

The underlying message of this show is one of mutual respect. It aims to educate children aged 8-12 years about the power of words and promote appropriate communication and relationships between men and women.

Happy Haps Productions creates and tours entertaining and accessible shows that all feature strong female characters and promote gender equality.

A note from the director – The motivation for the creation of this show came when I was writing a script for another show and I had decided look up the word “girl” in the thesaurus. The results where (among other things): Babe, Bimbo, Bitch, Chick, Dame, Dish, Doll, Floozy, Honey, Moll, Skirt, Sweet Thing and Tootsie.

When I looked up “boy” I got a different story: Buck, Chap, Dude, Fellow, Guy, Junior, Master, Sonny, Young Man and PERSON. Most girls will be called a gender related derogatory name before they get to high school. I believe the only road to equality is if we make this kind of language a thing of the past and I think the best way to do that is to encourage young people to think more carefully about their words before the choose to use them.

Special instructions: For those attending the show at Montessori (Forest Glen) Google does not provide great directions to the site. To access MIC’s entrance, please take the Stark Lane exit off Maroochydore Road!


50 mins


Queensland Maritime Museum, 412 Stanley St, South Brisbane QLD 4101
880 Maroochydore Road, Forest Glen QLD 4556
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