Here Comes The Bride?

Presented by Victoria Posner

An immersive story about love and letting go

It’s Sara and Kevin’s wedding, everyone’s survived the ceremony now there’s just the reception. Attending are two couples: Vera and Justin, a long-term partnership; and Deb and Justyn, a new romance. The ladies hear shocking news at the reception, one of them is getting engaged and the other dumped…they just don’t know who!

‘Here Comes The Bride?’ is a look at modern relationships and what it means to love someone. The script is based around marriage and what it represents for couples today and whether marriage is still relevant in our modern society. The piece looks at female relationships, especially in relation to how women view each other around men and delves into the unbreakable bond of female friendship. The story is told through the lens of comedy and farce to keep the audience laughing.

At performances there is no divide between the audience and the actors. Feel free to roam the space while the story takes place around you. You are considered a wedding reception guest rather than an audience member. This show is an event for the audience to immerse themselves in. We want the audience to step outside of their comfort zones and not watch the drama from afar but instead react to it as you would in real life.

‘Here Comes The Bride?’ is thrilled to be performing at The Sideshow in West End. A bit about our fantastic venue:

“We are a community of creators who are passionate about sharing a variety of art forms to a wider audience. We wish to deliver a ground roots social hub for artists, musicians, crafters, performers, practitioners and students alike. Drawing on a myriad of talents coupled with an abundance of energy, we strive to create an extraordinary wonderland amongst the stifling city saturation.

We endeavour to deliver extraordinary entertainment by offering up close and personal performances from gifted performers coupled with prodigious musicians. Keep an eye on our upcoming events section for the night out you have been waiting for.”

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45 mins


349 Montague Road, West End QLD 4101
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