Beware of Boys (SOLD OUT!)

Presented by Lisa Maree Southgate & Francesca de Valence

A musical memoir performed by Melissa Western.

‘Beware of boys with eyes of blue, they kiss you once and ask for two.’

Gather around hearths in Brisbane to hear a story left untold for more than 30 years. A story of first kisses, private school boys and the dangers that lurked in the shadows of sunny Brisbane in 1982.

A musical memoir by Lisa Maree Southgate and Francesca de Valence, told by Melissa Western.

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Special instructions: Please bring warm clothes for the St Lucia performance.

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  1. Thought provoking and entertaining show. Highly recommend.

    Lisa Maree Southgate creates a picture that opens with the teenaged waiting to be kissed world of 1982 West Chermside and then ever so gently shifts the focus till, like a Magic Eye image, we find ourselves gazing at the murky world of abuse in Brisbane only to find it has been there the whole time. We just hadn’t seen it. An excellent performance by Melissa Western who also sings the on point, storytelling lyrics of Francesca de Valence. Highly recommend.

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Fri 11 May & Sat 12 May
Chelmer House Performance

Sat 19 May
The Institute of
Body Psychotherapy
Belonging House
17 Bishop St, Kelvin Grove

Sun 20 May
St Lucia House Performance

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