Best Theatre You’ll Never See Podcast

Reviews of theatre you'll probably never see from three people who haven't seen it either.

Statler, Waldorf and Ivy

Join Scott, Alex and Paul for this irreverent and factually dubious exploration of all the stuff you’re probably never going to see anyway. Believe us, sometimes it’s better this way.

Live performances are happening from the biggest festival and opera house to the smallest cafe around the world. Problem is we’ll never get to see it and even if we are nearby, we won’t hear word of most until after its gone. That’s the wonderful and crappy thing about live shows.

That doesn’t stop us giving our opinion on it.

It could be big scale production at the Sydney Opera House or an upcoming season by the Bilouila Players. You won’t ever get to see it, we won’t see it, but that doesn’t stop us talking about it.

Every episode we discuss some of the most (umm) interesting theatre around the world that you’ll probably never see. Don’t worry – we haven’t seen it either. Instead, we’ll base our observations on the press release, google, wikipedia and a twitter feed.


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