You’ve (Already) Begun

Presented by Herewith & Therethen

An act of radical intimacy; an invitation to see and be seen.

A one-on-one immersive encounter just for you.

Step into the sphere of a stranger and get a delicious glimpse into the story of another. Allow the budding of human connection to pilot your experience.

Book, be assigned a sea-sighed space, be guided on a journey.
What will your meeting hold?

(NOTE: only 5 tickets per timeslot available)

Special instructions: This is an interactive one-on-one experience. Audience members may be touched by the performer, blindfolded and/or required to move around.


1 review

  1. a poet in the belly of a boat.

    Come ready to feel things. Walk in like you’re about to meet a friend’s cool older sibling, one you’ve heard a lot about and have butterflies about seeing. Try and convince your brain you’re there for an experience and not a show, open up and relax and let things unfold.
    I wish I could tell you all about my experience but it feels too soon and too private and very much my own. It might be helpful to tell you that I met a boy in the belly of a boat and his words were so familiar that it made my heart hurt. But it might not because that might not happen to you. You could hear the same things and feel wholly different things or hear different things and feel exactly the same. Go and feel new, strange things with strange, wonderful new people. Make it your business to experience this work.

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When booking for any time slot you may be booking for that exact time or 10 to 20 minutes later (ie if you book for 4PM you may receive a 4, 4:10 or 4:20 time slot). Please book a time that allows for this possibility.


30 mins


412 Stanley Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101
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