Amelia Anonymous (LIMITED TIX)

Presented by Virag Dombay

What would you do if you lived in the dark?

Have you ever felt like you were in the dark? Amelia does. All the time. She lives alone in the dark with her Thoughts. Things don’t always turn the way that she wants them too. Sometimes she feels happy, sad, angry and scared. Sometimes she feels nothing at all or everything at once. But most of the time, she feels anonymous. But never by her little brother Elliott.

Set in the complete darkness, Amelia Anonymous is a technology immersive work which explores the mind of someone who only wants to be understood.

Capacity of venue is only: 50
17 McLachlan Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
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2 reviews

  1. Light and Shade

    Amelia Anonymous is (literally and metaphorically) defined by Light and Shade.

    Being set primarily in the dark, Adam Charlton’s lighting design was fundamental to the work. The manipulation of light to demarcate the real and internal, as well as to display to destructive effects of thought, was both beautiful and powerful. Keely Hall’s sound design was similarly effective, manipulating music and silence to enhance shifts in mood.

    But the story itself also changes constantly in tone, from everyday amusement to internal strife. The precision with the audience shifts from laughing to acutely uncomfortable, is a credit to playwright Virag Dombay.

    Virag’s Amelia, was also light and shade, one minute silly and shy, the next vulnerable and struggling. She is tormented by her personified thoughts (Cheney Hossack, Matthew Latter, Zoe Elysia, Aidan O’Donnell, Zoe Jeffrey, Damien McIntosh and Maggie Louw). This effective ensemble embodied her internal struggle through aesthetic manipulations of movement, voice and shadow.

    Jack Sinclair shines as little brother Elliot, endearing himself to the audience with sass and silly antics. Samuel McGowan was also endearing, as love interest Lachan, with his awkward flirting and sincere affection. Lizzie Ann and Dallas Fogarty made an enjoyable set of parents, who brought a refreshing and authentic sense of the present.

    In summary, in both light and shade, Amelia Anonymous is a very enjoyable and effective work.

  2. Lost connection

    KUDOS to everyone who put the event/play together. I was so lucky my son bought the ticket and brought me to watch the play. Beautiful and Deep. I enjoyed it very much. As a parent i would encourage other parents or friends to watch this. You get to understand more about the lost Connection and internal struggle of one who has anxiety, depression. The message thru the play is briliant and well presented. The most important is support from family and friends and being open. Sincere hugs to all. Good job ❤️

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Amelia Anonymous

Cupo and Concept
17 McLachlan Street, Fortitude Valley

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