Mary and the Murderer

Presented by Lonnie Gilroy, Senaai Chapple & Johanna Lyon

You Decide. She Kills.

The Wild West. Mary Fitzgerald, a gunslinging vigilante, has captured Colin, a travelling musician accused of murdering a young woman.

Not everyone believes he did it.

As they wait for the marshal to arrive, will the town decide to let him go free?

The audience will hear from Mary, Colin and local townsfolk as they make their decision.

Ultimately, the audience will decide Colin’s fate – freedom or execution.

Partners to thank:

The University of Queensland

Special Instructions: Audience members are invited to interact with the cast. Limited seating available.
Capacity of venue is only: 50
Duhig Gardens, The University of Queensland Sir William MacGregor Drive, Saint Lucia QLD 4067
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Mary and the Murderer

Duhig Gardens
The University of Queensland

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