2019 Anywhere Festival Program and Resources

Anywhere Festival

Lock yourself in for 2019 Anywhere Festival

We want you to be part of the 2019 Anywhere Festival in Noosa, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

You’ve now got until 12 February to pay to confirm you are in the program and this is the same deadline to confirm your show details for the program. You get access to us and the resources regardless up until that date because we want to ensure you show is ready.

In previous years, the payment deadline was November, and we still recommend you pay early as there will be absolutely no lee way on extensions. Also, if you want to buy into our public liability cover, you are only covered from the date you pay.

Program and Resource Costs

  • $150 Free performances and one off performances
  • $250 More than one performance
  • Box Office charges details below

What you get for your money

You will be included in the festival program and to get access to the following resources (valued at $5,525) regardless of the number of performances or audience size.

  • Entry in the printed Anywhere Festival Guide distributed at key outlets around and distributed to donors and key ticket purchasers of previous Anywhere Festivals  (Valued at $2,079)
  • Online listing at our booking website anywhere.is with links between related shows to extend potential audiences (Valued at $150)
  • Location kits including tear drop banners. (Valued at $59)
  • Free subscription to the Pocket Producer resources until the end of the festival including videos, updated templates, tips and hints ($149)
  • Festival Participants group inclusion with all creatives and producers in the festival.
  • Artist Rates to get access to artist events including workshops and discounted tix to shows during the festival (Valued at $150)
  • Eligibility to be nominated for the Anywhere Awards (See 2017 Winners here)
  • Access to Anywhere staff for producing and creative development advice ($350)
  • Consideration* for an Anywhere Photographer to take pictures (Valued at $850)
  • Consideration* for inclusion in social mediaand traditional media distribution. (Valued at $150)
  • Assistance and support to help broker a rent free venue for your performance (Value of support and average cost if venue was not rent free $1,750)

Extras (if you need ’em)

+$80 for public liability coverage for the company in the lead up and including Anywhere Festival (Current Certificate must be provided if not paid)

Box Office Charges

All events at Anywhere Festival are ticketed exclusively through us to ensure the best experiences for audiences and to maximise the chance of every show being discovered.

We keep the fees as low as possible – and well below most other festivals and venues – while also ensuring we can provide a quality service to ticket purchases and to you.

The inside charge for 2019 Anywhere Festival shows will be $2.50 on all tickets sold online regardless of price, with a $1.50 fee to the customer per order.

e.g If a customer buys two $22.50 tickets the total cost will be 2 x $22.50 + $1.50 = $46.50 and you the performer take $40.

Age Restrictions: G
Email: admin@anywhere.is
07 3102 4683

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Select your tickets

Present Free, One Off or One To One Performances at 2019 Anywhere Festival


Pay for the resources, program inclusion and all the other goodies as an Anywhere Participant to present Free, One Off or One To One Performances at 2019 Anywhere Festival

Present Multiple Performances at 2019 Anywhere Festival


Pay for the resources, program inclusion and all the other goodies as an Anywhere Participant to present Multiple Performances at 2019 Anywhere Festival

Add Public Liability Cover


Do you need public liability insurance (PLI)? If you have not provided us with your Certificate of Currency (CoC) then you need to get covered.*

You can get covered on our policy by adding PLI to your order but there are other providers (Duck For Cover etc.) so please do what is right for you.

* We do not cover some high risk activities. If you are not sure if that’s you, contact us and ask.


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