Likely Story review by Lara Qualtrough

Anywhere Festival really is about making non-traditional performance spaces come alive with storytelling. What better place for storytelling than a place filled with stories? Books of Buderim is the location, the characters are the objects usually confined to shelves or (longingly) found in a reader’s hands. Likely Story is the story of books that haven’t been sold yet, but still have something to offer, if only to each other. A unique idea, with a script full of wittiness and puns, Likely Story is a light-hearted, fun-filled exploration of character and mystery.

The story begins, presumably, after closing time. That’s when the books wander and weave through the shelves, sharing themselves with those that will listen. The clever choreography uses every nook, cranny and shelf to introduce the characters. A glove is dropped, and the story begins. The story ticks over quickly: pacing is appropriate and the characters each have their moment. A balanced ensemble piece, Likely Story allows each performer their moment while delightfully advancing the story ahead. Clever direction by Riette de Jager allows us to move back and forward in time. The musical backdrop accompanies the story perfectly.

The simplicity of the script and characters kept this production light and airy and suited the venue. Another bookstore wouldn’t have suited the script as well as this did. Another script wouldn’t have suited the cast. The costuming was just enough to support the characters. Like a well-written book, everything tied in just so for this amusingproduction.

Likely Story has four remaining performances this weekend with limited tickets still available for Sunday 27th May at 7.30pm. Get in quick to book the last few seats at