Learn Anywhere Festival’s secrets to become a producer extraordinaire!

Anywhere Festival  has tooled and renamed the Director in Training training positions offered in 2014 so young arts practitioners can learn and experience Anywhere’s trade secrets from the inside.

Applications for the Producer in Training scheme are now open and close midnight Monday 30th of November. Applications will be reviewed as they are received. For full details, head to this link.

It is all part of offering new ways to develop the skills of local emerging practitioners in new and innovative ways.

“We realised that Anywhere does things very differently from other festivals,” said Paul Osuch of Anywhere Festival. “We wanted to pass those skills on through a training program.”

The scheme was first run in 2014 as the Director in Training scheme and took a break in 2015.

“We didn’t want it to be an annual internship where all we do is skill people up and then expect them to find paid employment elsewhere,” said Paul Osuch, CEO of Anywhere.

True to their word, Anywhere employed Ruby Donohoe, one of the 2014 Directors in Training as the Brisbane Creative Producer for Anywhere in 2015 and have now continued that role into 2016.

The scheme starts in December and run through to the end of the Anywhere Festival running 5-21 May 2016. 

The Producer in Training Scheme would suit people looking to gain direct experience behind the scenes with an aim to build a role within Anywhere Festival or to become producers, general managers, festival directors or founders of their own festival further down the track.

Interested candidates need to send a CV with a maximum one page cover letter stating where they think they are in their skills development, future job ambitions and how they feel this scheme will help to achieve those ambitions.

Applications are open until Monday 30th November or as soon as three good applications are received and confirmed.

Full details can be found at www.anywherefest.com with the details to produce.